Information Technology Degree Graduate Thrives in the “Real World”

Posted by on January 7, 2014

Alex Moening’s passion for technology and computers, paired with his desire to help others understand and solve problems, is what led him to obtain an information technology degree. Moening graduated from the St. Cloud campus of Minnesota School of Business in December 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Moening is currently employed as a network specialist at Marco, a technology company based in St. Cloud, Minn., that offers companies a variety of technology services. Moening is able to bring his expertise to work each day. As a network specialist, Moening applies the hands-on experiences and knowledge gained while at Minnesota School of Business to help his clients.

“I focus on IT networking technologies. I am mostly on the road, traveling from customer to customer. I provide a couple of different services, both service calls and projects,” Moening said. “Marco has a very comprehensive command center that dispatches technicians to customer sites to diagnose and resolve critical system issues.”

Moening credits much of the preparation he received for his career to the experienced instructors at Minnesota School of Business, explaining that many of his instructors are currently employed in the information technology field. Moening explains that the instructors’ real-world knowledge served as one of the most valuable pieces of his education.

“[The instructors] are great. They care about you as a student and want to see you learn,” Moening said. “Rather than standing in front of the class and rattling off PowerPoints, they engage you in discussions that leave you feeling like you have learned something. They were on top of the technology and they really knew their stuff.”

The ultimate goal for students at Minnesota School of Business is to graduate with the skills necessary to succeed in their field of choice. Moening explains how LabSim, a virtual product he and his fellow IT classmates used in class, offered valuable real-world experience.

“The classes include virtual labs where you can get good hands-on experience. Not only do you watch lectures and other instructional videos, but you get to actually get your hands dirty using the skills that you have learned in virtual environments,” Moening said.

While attending Minnesota School of Business, Moening completed classes that went much further than technology, learning about topics ranging from customer service to project management and professional communications to ethics.

“[Minnesota School of Business mixes] a good variety of technical, business and communication classes that make you, as a student, feel very well rounded in your industry of choice,” Moening said.

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