Santa Claus and MSB-Rochester: 2 of the Biggest Military Supporters

Posted by on December 30, 2013

minnesota school of business-rochester

Keynote speaker Vince Reynolds, a member of the Marine Corps, and his family

Minnesota School of Business-Rochester’s (MSB) 5th Annual GI Jolly 2013 event was a screaming success, right down to kids’ enthusiasm in anticipation of Santa’s arrival!

The military-tribute event was exactly that—thanks to our military—and this year’s event mirrored those in the past in the number of attendees, prizes, gifts, food and enthusiasm. Of the over 100 attendees, most proudly served in our military or were military family members.

MSB staff and Beyond the Yellow Ribbon-Southeast Minnesota, a fellow supporter, want to thank our military for their service. In the spirit of giving thanks, which is best said by those who have already given so much, we want to share a few remarks shared by attendees:

“Thank you for your concern and sensitivity to our military families. The evening gave us a blessing knowing our loved ones were appreciated, especially with a son currently deployed.” —Pastor Steve Schauder, Holy Cross Lutheran Church

“Thank you so much for hosting. It was so great to share this event with my parents, in-laws and my son. We are celebrating my son’s first Christmas with his dad on deployment, and it meant a lot to be in the company of other military members and families, even for just a few short hours. The keynote speaker’s message helped to open the eyes of my family on how adjusting to deployments takes a lot of work and that when you are used to being immersed in daily military life, it is hard to adjust to being away from the dress, lingo and lifestyle. Your event was just what I needed, and I am so very thankful for being able to attend.” —Heather Schauder, spouse of deployed Air Force airman

“I was at the GI Jolly with my kids. They had a great time, as did I. This was our first year attending. I was impressed at how right away I was greeted and given a gift in appreciation for my service. I didn’t expect that! We all enjoyed the food, crafts, and of course, Santa! Thanks for the invitation!” —Sarah Stamper, MSB student and U.S. Army soldier

minnesota school of business-rochester

MSB student, Sarah Stamper, with her sons


Thank you to everyone who attended, and we look forward to GI Jolly 2014!

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