MSB Student Supports Cancer Research Through Service Learning

Posted by on December 19, 2013

Photo credit: American Cancer Society

Here’s a story that’s sure to warm your heart this holiday season. Minnesota School of Business student, Tina Thorson, recently set out on a mission to collect paper products for the American Cancer Society’s HOPE lodge, in an effort to bring down some of their operational costs. But, the magnitude of what was about to come was unbeknownst to both the health care management student and the HOPE lodge.

Tina’s goal was to collect a six month supply of paper products such as Kleenex, toilet paper, and napkins. So, Tina employed the help of her husband and set out on her mission. After talking with their supervisors at work, their employers agreed to let the couple run paper collection drives at their workplaces. The couple even began posting about their collection efforts on social media platforms such as Facebook.

After a few days Tina says she had a realization, “It became very clear that my goals and vision were going to have to change. Many people preferred to donate money rather than going to the store and purchasing the paper products themselves. I changed my goal of collecting six months of paper products to collecting $10,000 dollars and as much paper products that I could possibly get.”

$10,000 that seems like a lot right? Well, Tina didn’t stop there. Tina found out from some neighbors that the Target Corporation replaces all toilet paper rolls every night, no matter how much product is left on the roll, and then they donate them to local charities. Tina decided to work with the folks at Target to see if they could add the HOPE lodge to their list of donation sites.

Tina’s collection efforts ended last week, but the lasting effects of her collection efforts will be felt at the HOPE lodge for months to come. All-in-all Tina was able to collect $12,345.51 on top of the paper products she gathered.

When asked how this project affected her, Tina said this, “This project has taught me to manage a project and to make necessary changes to ensure my vision and goals are met. Even though I did not raise all the paper products that I hoped to, I was able to raise a lot of money that the American Cancer Society can use to purchase the product. Through this project I have been able to give something to the HOPE house that has given so much to our cancer patients and our community.”


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