Richfield IT Program Students Host Tech Week

Posted by on December 9, 2013

The Richfield IT Association (RITA) recently held the quarterly IT Week at Minnesota School of Business-Richfield (MSB). RITA is a student club focused on information technology education, career networking, and mutual academic support of fellow members. RITA members donate their time, talents, and skills to help students and faculty with various computer issues, problems and questions.

“We have members in RITA from several different degree programs, and game and application development students make up almost half of the organization. We decided it was time to get them involved in IT Week,” explained Joel Brown, IT program student and leader in RITA.

This quarter’s IT Week included a Gamer’s Conclave.

“RITA decided to embrace its inner gamer,” said Richard Grieman, IT program chair at MSB-Richfield.

IT program

IT program student Joel Brown works on a computer at CTRL-Z

Once the gaming students learned that the event was going to include gaming, they immediately voted to increase IT Week from three days to four so that the Fall Quarter IT Week ran from Monday through Thursday.

Dakota Brash—an IT program student, RITA member, and a fervent computer game player—brought in gaming equipment and ran the Gamer’s Conclave. He managed student access to equipment and five gaming stations during the week. “This was a great way for the students to have fun and to bring attention to RITA,” he said. “We had 15 new members join over the week.”

Students brought in their own games, played games online, and just generally had a lot fun.

Of course, no IT Week would be complete without CRTL-Z, which offers free computer services, and the quarterly technical seminars.

“I brought my laptop in and got it cleaned up. The service was wonderful—the students were professional and so helpful,” nursing program instructor Karla Mees said in a thank you note to the RITA members. “Thanks for setting this up.”

This quarter’s seminars and CRTL-Z also include iPad support for the first time. Every student and faculty member is given an iPad and many have application, communications and general usage questions. RITA now helps support the devices on the MSB-Richfield campus.

Next quarter’s IT Week is already being planned with even more events. It will be held during the week of February 24th.


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