An Unforgettable Cultural Experience: MSB Staff Attend FMSC National Gala

Posted by on November 26, 2013

Do you consider yourself a philanthropist? Have you taken the opportunity to give back to your community and those in need? Have you wondered what you can do to help both locally and globally?

Recently, staff and faculty from Minnesota School of Business-Elk River were fortunate enough to attend the 2013 Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) National Gala, which was an opportunity to do a little extra to support FMSC’s mission. FMSC is a nonprofit organization that brings volunteering to a new level. FMSC has been providing food for the world’s hungry since 1987 when it was founded by Richard Proudfit, a Minnesota businessman. Volunteers over the years have packaged countless “MannaPacks”, the special formula created by FMSC founders, which are shipped to countries in the most need such as Haiti and East Africa (, 2013).

The evening provided several local and national organizations an opportunity to provide funds to help FMSC continue to create the meals that do so much good for those in need. MSB’s Katherine Wollschlager, medical assistant program instructor; Brian Stewart, business program chair; and Nicole Rasmussen, community manager, all attended the event.

Nicole Rasmussen and Katherine Wollschlager at the FMSC gala.

“It was great kicking off the scrubs and getting glammed up to spend an evening with so many others that have given so much to this organization,” Wollschlager said.

Wollschlager has been involved with the organization for almost ten years. She began volunteering with them as a student at the MSB-Brooklyn Center campus and has continued her involvement by going four to five times each year with her family, the Medical Assistant Club, her classes on campus, as well as the Girl Scout troop that she helps with. She is an advocate for their mission and their approach, and appreciates the work that the founders have done that has yielded such amazing results by nourishing so many children in need.

A special part of the evening was dedicated to learning about a partner organization called “Love a Child” ( Bobby and Sherry Burnette, leaders of the organization, video-chatted with the group during the event and shared the story about how their organization began and the work they do in Haiti, which is largely supported by FMSC. They told an especially moving story about Moses, a little boy that they adopted when he was abandoned by his mother. Moses is just one example of the many children that are helped by their organization and FMSC and have been able to not only survive but flourish as they’ve grown up.

Wollschlager and Rasmussen plan to continue to support this organization through volunteer work and by spreading their message. FMSC provides an unbelievable opportunity for volunteers to actively participate and truly see the results of their efforts. The experience is both fun and rewarding and does so much good for those in need.

For more information about FMSC or to sign up to volunteer, please go to:


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