AVMA Grants Minnesota School of Business-Rochester Full Accreditation

Posted by on November 21, 2013

Minnesota School of Business-Rochester (MSB) proudly serves students by graduating qualified candidates for demanding employers. Making the work even more rewarding happens when we are recognized for attaining high industry educational standards. Accomplishing such a feat this time is our veterinary technology program. Enjoy a dose of what Amy Doherty, veterinary technology program chair, has to share about what it takes to maintain one of the best programs in the state:

Veterinary technology program

Veterinary technology program chair, Amy Doherty

MSB-Rochester recently had an AVMA visit. What does that mean?

MSB-Rochester completed an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accreditation visit in August 2013. An AVMA accreditation site visit team spent three days reviewing our campus’ veterinary technology program. Although there are state bodies with similar functions, AVMA full accreditation is the industry gold standard. The actual AVMA accrediting body, which is comprised of industry professionals, is the Committee on Veterinary Technicians Education and Activities (CVTEA) and they set forth the educational standards (required knowledge, skills and procedures), including the national exam.

How is the accreditation process managed and what went into preparing for the actual visit?

Although staff and faculty, led by the program chair, have maintained the appropriate standards since the program began in 2006, formal preparation to ensure accreditation compliance started six months before the actual visit. From the time the veterinary technician program started in 2006, we were on provisional accreditation status because there was not enough data to review from an accreditation standpoint until 2008 when we graduated our first class.

Everything within the program, including proper treatment of animals, and services provided, equipment, classroom design and curriculum, is dictated by AVMA, and we, as an organization, have to meet the minimum standards. All equipment has to work and be used properly and instruction needs to fulfill all of the requirements. Overall, it is a strict, but necessary, process that makes for a strong program.  

vet tech program

Inside a vet tech classroom

What designation did the MSB-Rochester campus receive?

With the time and energy put into preparation, our effort paid off by receiving full accreditation. This highest designation will remain current until we undergo thorough inspection five years from now, as long as we maintain the quality of our program.

How does attaining and maintaining this standard benefit our students, graduates and even employers?

It goes without saying that these strict standards are necessary to keep doing what we love to do: train future veterinary technicians. Furthermore, they make the industry stronger because of the difference our graduates make while working at local clinics in Rochester and surrounding communities. In the end, this benefits animals and their owners.

For more information on the vet tech program at Minnesota School of Business, please call 507-536-9500.


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