Can You Hear (and See) Me Now?

Posted by on November 13, 2013

Medical assistant program students from Minnesota School of Business-Brooklyn Center (MSB) joined nursing students from MSB-Richfield to apply the skills they’ve learned in the college classroom to an elementary school classroom. The students visited Northport Elementary School in Brooklyn Center and Meadow Lake Elementary School in New Hope and performed hearing and vision tests.

Alicia Larson, medical assistant program chair at the Brooklyn Center campus, is a firm believer in the applied learning methodology.

medical assistant program

Brooklyn Center medical assistant program students performing vision screenings on first-graders

“When an opportunity comes along for my students to practice their skills in the field, I jump at it,” she said. “Not only are my students able to practice the specific skills that we have been learning about in class, but they are also able to work on improving their patient interaction, professionalism, and level of confidence.”

The medical assistant program students spent one full day at each school. The task was to test hearing and vision for all students in grades one, three, and five. In addition to the two tests, first-graders were also tested on color blindness and eye reflection. To ensure that each student practiced both sets of skills, they were split into two groups so that they could swap midday.  

“I had the privilege to work with first, third, and fifth-graders from District 281 doing hearing and vision screenings. It was a great hands-on experience,” said Carrie LeMire, a medical assistant program student. “Working with kids can be a challenge, and yet so much fun and wonderfully rewarding. I would love to do this again! I am so glad I was given this opportunity.”

medical assistant programs

Brooklyn Center medical assistant program student, Greta Buckner, performing a hearing screening on a student.

“Both days were educational and fun for the students. It was a great feeling to hear the school nurse say that our group surpassed the expectations in how quickly all of the tests were completed and that it was a huge help to have volunteers who knew what they were doing,” Larson said. “I really hope to bring students back in the future to help with the process again.”

To learn more about the medical assistant program at the Brooklyn Center campus, please call 1-877-655-7676 .


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