Student Develops Employee Handbook After Learning Workplace Communication Skills

Posted by on October 31, 2013

The Professional Communications course at Minnesota School of Business-Online helps students develop verbal and written communication, with the goal of improving workplace communication and relationships.  Bridgette Ladsten, an accounting degree student who has taken our Professional Communications course, experienced this first hand when she decided to apply her classroom curriculum to her current career.

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Accounting student, Bridgette Ladsten, saw a need in her workplace for an employee handbook. Using the skills she developed in her professional communications course, Bridgette was able to create a helpful resource for new employees.

Phil Lewenstein, Ladsten’s instructor, saw that Bridgette was able to use many of the concepts taught in class to develop a handbook of best practices for other receptionists to use at her current workplace, The Barbershop: A Hair Salon For Men.

Bridgette has worked as a receptionist since 2008, in each of The Barbershop’s three locations.  During her employment, she saw that in order to provide outstanding customer service, a handbook that included best practices and procedures would benefit her as well as other employees.  Bridgette used her new communication and group work skills to develop the handbook as she collaborated with managers, stylists, and drew on her personal experiences.

Overall, Bridgette is confident that the handbook has improved the service environment as well as the communications among employees and customers.  Bridgette also sees that as new receptionists join the company, this project could help them to get off to a great start!

Effective communication is a skill that employers seek, and Minnesota School of Business-Online helps students to develop such skills in their Professional Communications class as well as many other classes.


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