Student Communicators Promote Diner on a Mission

Posted by on October 10, 2013

Students in Joel Bisser’s Professional Communications class at Minnesota School of Business in Lakeville wrapped up summer quarter by completing an applied learning project with the Daily Diner. The diner is the last step in the rehabilitation process for clients of the Union Gospel Mission, an organization that serves homeless, hungry, addicted and at-risk populations in the Twin Cities.

The students utilized what they learned in class to assist with promoting the diner through social media marketing efforts. The students also handed out fliers and coupons for the diner during the Out of the Darkness Walk, a fundraiser for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention; a group of fellow classmates recently worked on a similar promotion project with that organization.Minnesota School of Business

Through their work with the Daily Diner, the students came to realize that in addition to the gratification customers feel from assisting those who work at the diner, many customers are also drawn in by the affordability and quality of the food. The students polled 18 students from Minnesota School of Business who dined; the students rated the quality of food an average of 4.75 stars out of 5.

Some of the delicious foods that students came across included:

  • Cinnamon pancakes
  • Belgian waffles
  • Parmesan hash browns
  • Cinnamon rolls

Helping to promote the diner was made easier as the students learned how accommodating the diner is. The environment caters to its patrons, and unlike most diners in the area, it has its own free parking area for customers.  WiFi is also available in the diner, which attracts local college students.

Those who are interested are encouraged to check out the Daily Diner, located at 615 University Ave in the Frogtown neighborhood of St. Paul.

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