MSB-Online Students Receive $4,000 in Community Scholarships

Posted by on October 8, 2013

If the thought of volunteering wasn’t on your radar already, perhaps these students’ inspiring stories of service will give you an extra push. Last quarter, Minnesota School of Business-Online awarded Miriam DeCock and Heather Miller the Community Service Scholarship worth $2,000 each in tuition assistance.

Each of the students performed some form of community service in their communities within the last year. Then, each wrote a summary of their experience with volunteering.

How much of a time commitment is required to be eligible for this scholarship, you ask? Well, Miriam and Heather spent anywhere from one day to multiple days per week over the course of the year, donating their time and energy to serving their communities.

Here are examples of the outstanding work they performed:

community service scholarship

Miriam is a business management student who serves on the board for Kruzin 4 Kidz, a non-profit organization in her community.

Miriam DeCock- Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Organization: Kruzin 4 Kidz

Volunteer Activity: Board Member

Quote: “The mission and purpose of Kruzin 4 Kidz is especially meaningful to me for two reasons: First, I have a six-year-old son who is living with a life threatening illness and will one day be the recipient of a wish sponsored by Kruzin 4 Kidz.  Secondly, Kruzin 4 Kidz’ mission in promoting education supports my passion for teaching and education the next gernerations of our society.  The mission and work of Kruzin 4 Kidz supports my personal mission in helping our youth.  The greatest reward a board member or volunteer can receive is the smile on a face of a child whose wish has been fulfilled, the joy that can be witnessed as a family comes together to share in the happiness of their child’s wish, and the smile on the face of each student as he or she is presented with a gift of their very own.”


Heather, a business administration student, serves several organizations in her community.

Heather Miller- Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Organization(s): Farm in the Dell of the Red River Valley, Challengers Baseball, Kool Kids Club, and Triumphant Teen’s Ministry

Volunteer activities: Facilitate education, growth and encouragement for children with special needs

Quote: “The knowledge and love you gain from each person is unbelievable and something I would never give up.  Our goals are to get children with special needs the credit they deserve for the capabilities that people don’t give them credit for.  These children are amazing and have taught me many lessons.”


*If you’re interested in applying for the community service scholarships available during Fall Quarter-2013, please email for eligibility guidelines and an application.

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