Momentum Builds as Blaine Prepares for iPad Roll-out

Posted by on September 30, 2013

As we wrap up the summer term and prepare for Fall Quarter, there is a new energy on the Minnesota School of Business-Blaine (MSB) campus—even more excitement than normalas the age of the iPad initiative is upon us!

Our faculty members received their devices early in September and have spent the past month learning best practices. Their education continues as they attend “Appy Hours,” in which new discoveries are made. What has added to the learning experience is exactly what will happen once students receive their devices during the first two weeks in October. Instructors are discovering new applications, new ways of thinking, and new ways of conducting their classes and are sharing these insights within and outside of their discipline with the campus community.

Sarah Lemm, veterinary technology program program chair, has identified ways in which the iPad will assist students in pre-surgery lab work. “Students will be using them in the preoperative preparation of their patients,” she said. “There is an app that can convert a preoperative assessment to a PDF that they can email.”

Whatever initial uncertainty Lemm may have had about using the iPad in the animal care field curriculum has long since been replaced by the many amazing apps she’s been introduced to, or found by mining for them herself.  Slated with over 20,000 education apps, the iPad learning opportunities are virtually endless; there are apps for breed identification, CPR, veterinary drug calculations—and they are all free and not limited in content or access. 

Dean of Faculty, Kristine McBride, teaches psychology classes. She opined, “As someone who owns android devices, I was apprehensive about iPads; however, I have discovered that I absolutely love my iPad! They really do have over 20,000 educational apps.  I am excited to continue to explore the apps I’ve downloaded and the ones I don’t even know about yet!  As our world is becoming more and more technologically-oriented, I think this will help our students to stand out as they search for jobs.”

Distribution of the iPad tablets to MSB-Blaine students will begin the first week of October; students will receive their device and attend a set-up session that will include downloading some of the most common apps they will use across their courses of study. Students are not-so-patiently waiting for the roll-out and are certainly not the only ones who are excited, for a variety of reasons.

Lemm added “Vet techs work hard enough—let’s save our backs from carrying all of those books. These will place our students in a more active learning role in the classroom; as a supplement in the classroom, it really will give them the feeling of being in control of their learning.”




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