Meet Jay Ganta, Our New IT Program Chair

Posted by on September 30, 2013

Here at the Minnesota School of Business-Elk River campus, we would like to welcome Jay Ganta, the information technology program chair. Jay will be shared between the Elk River and Brooklyn Center campuses and plans to be at Elk River on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and at Brooklyn Center on Wednesday evenings. I took some time to chat with Jay today; hopefully you enjoy learning more about him through these questions and answers.

Why did you choose to go into the information technology field?

information technology programGrowing up in India, not many places were air conditioned, but one place that was guaranteed to have a temperature regulated environment is the IT room. It is hot in India and that is a cool place to sit. I also wanted to work with computers and liked to code things.

What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

Leftovers and old organic food.

If aliens landed in front of you and offered you any position on their planet, what would you want to do?

Be a travel explorer to discover their universe.

If Hollywood made a movie about you, who should they cast for the starring role?

Will Smith

What are your thoughts on the iPad® initiative?

This initiative will give students a great opportunity to learn globally. The use of the iPad will not geographically limit the student. For the IT field specifically, the iPad will give the students experience in the areas that the IT field is heading. It is important for the students to learn and understand the technology through a commonly used product as this is the product that their clientele base will be familiar with. Another plus is the fact that you no longer need to carry around textbooks.


Make sure you stop by to say “Hi” to Jay when you get a chance!

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.