Advice to Graduates: Do Good, Help Others, Be Positive

Posted by on September 30, 2013

Twenty-seven students from Minnesota School of Business-Richfield (MSB) graduated on Friday, Sept. 27. The graduates, joined by their online counterparts, proudly took their place on the stage at the Richfield Middle School Auditorium.

Minnesota School of Business-Richfield, graduation

Celina Serrano, student speaker

Celina Serrano, who graduated with honors and received her MBA, was chosen to be this year’s student speaker. Celina is also a graduate admissions representative for Globe University’s Online division. Celina was the first person in her family to graduate college, and she mentioned she struggled with learning disabilities growing up.

“Eventually I learned to how to manage them and not let them manage me,” Celina said.

Richard Grieman, the information technology program chair at MSB-Richfield, was selected to be the faculty speaker. He stressed the importance of giving back to the world after graduation by volunteering.

Minnesota School of Business-Richfield, graduation

Richard Grieman, faculty speaker

“There are people who have dedicated their professional lives to making the world into a better place,” Richard said. “Since improving the world is a notoriously unprofitable enterprise, these people are chronically short of money and resources. That’s where you come in.”

The keynote speaker was Tim Carter, general manager of Richfield/Bloomington Honda. This auto dealership has been a wonderful community partner for MSB-Richfield throughout the years. Tim offered insight as to how he got where he is and what he looks for in employees, as the company motto is “our people make the difference” —something that is more than just a slogan for them. The four things he looks for in an employee, in order, are as follows:

Minnesota School of Business-Richfield, graduation

Tim Carter, keynote speaker

  1. Positive Attitude
  2. Strong Work Ethic
  3. A Desire to Help Others Succeed
  4. Results

“If you do numbers one, two, and three better than everyone else, you’ll get results,” Tim said, explaining why results was at the bottom of the list.

An underlying theme of all the speakers’ messages was giving back, helping others, and a having positive attitude. Because, as Tim said, “life isn’t what happens to you, it’s how you react to what happens.”

Minnesota School of Business-Richfield, graduationCongratulations to all of our graduates:

Patricia Baker – AAS: Cosmetology Business

Andrew Beck* – BS: Business Management

Michael Becker – Diploma: Accounting

David Berndt* – BS: Accounting

Colan Boggess, BS: Game and Application Development

Anessa Brittain – BS: Business Management

Andrew Buchanan* – BS Game and Application Development

Kevin Byrne – AAS: Music Business

Timothy Chu – BS: Information Technology

Michael Collins: AAS: Paralegal

Savannah Cooley* – AAS: Paralegal

Rebecca Doe – AAS: Medical Assistant

Paul Edwards – AAS: Digital Video and Media Production

Rudy Hershberger* – BS: Business Management

Emily Leibfried – AAS: Paralegal

Zachary Merrick-Gonzalez – BS: Game and Application Development

Bryce Myhre – BS: Information Technology

Jautassa Nelson* – BS: Business Management

Barika Rankin – AAS: Cosmetology Business

Alexia Roberts –AAS: Business Administration

Peter Stalker – AAS: Game and Application Development

Julina Triplett – AAS: Cosmetology Business

John Tshimbalanga – AAS: Management Accounting

Brandon VanArman* – BS: Information Technology

Mai Vang – BS: Paralegal

Hayden Wallraff – BS: Game and Application Development

Ryan Wiens – BS: Business Management

* = Honors Graduate 3.5-3.99 Cumulative GPA


Thank you to the Careers Services Teams for putting on such a wonderful event.


Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.