Summer Is Over, But Our Summer 2013 Graduates Are Just Beginning

Posted by on September 27, 2013

Today is a very special day. To the best of our knowledge, it’s not a national holiday or a famous person’s birthday. There’s no blue moon, and Halley’s Comet is not making a surprise appearance. So what makes today so special?

graduation, Minnesota School of BusinessFour times a year, Minnesota School of Business-Rochester (MSB) celebrates an amazing milestone. Students complete their required courses and, after no more classes are left to take, they become graduates!

So, of course, today is a very special day. MSB-Rochester will grant diplomas to graduates in the following programs: criminal justice, massage therapy, information technology, business administration, business management, medical assistant, medical administrative assistant, paralegal, and veterinary technology.

In total, 25 graduates will proudly accept their well-deserved degrees. Although this is one of the smaller classes to graduate, the hard work and determination exemplified by all graduates equals that of all previous and future classes.

As much as we have enjoyed each student’s presence around campus over the past years, their academic journey requires taking the next step in life to what awaits them: the working world. We wish them nothing but success and happiness in their professional journey.

graduation, Minnesota School of BusinessAs a final tribute to the indelible mark they have left on the campus, including faculty, staff and fellow students, MSB-Rochester wants to proudly show off our Summer 2013 graduates so you can recognize and congratulate them as well:

  • Melissa Adreon, criminal justice
  • Donna Albertson, massage therapy
  • Christine Austin, information technology
  • Katherine Burroughs, MBA
  • Kathleen Eeten, business management
  • Jason Einck, information technology
  • Stacy Froyum, massage therapy
  • Bertha Gomez, medical assistant
  • Amber Gustafson, medical administrative assistant
  • Thomas Henning, massage therapy
  • Jessica Karsten, information technology
  • Vanessa Krell, medical assistant
  • Charity Luetke, business administration
  • Jason Michels, business administration
  • Eleanor Olson, paralegal
  • Amanda Putzier, sales and marketing
  • Kelly Rahman, business administration
  • Loretta Ready, MBA
  • Steve Rolbiecki, criminal justice
  • Austin Ryan, business administration
  • Justine Schnobrich, medical assistant
  • Colleen Skare, veterinary technology
  • Melanie Smith, business administration
  • Amanda Tumbleson, business management
  • Tanya Wheeler, business administration

 Congratulations, graduates! MSB-Rochester wishes you well.

 Want to feel the reward of starting and finishing a degree that will make you more competitive in the workplace? Contact Admissions at MSB-Rochester at 507-536-9500 to get started today.


Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.