Massage Therapy Graduate Kim Martin is a Poet in Motion

Posted by on September 24, 2013

When you are talented, sometimes it’s hard to be good at just one thing.

Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud massage therapy program graduate Kim Martin proved this recently when she won third place in our college-wide “Creative Quill” literary contest for poetry.

massage therapy graduate

Kim Martin and the Creative Quill

Martin graduated in June and received her national certification in July for massage therapy. She finished her program in one year and thoroughly enjoyed it. She admits, however, that it was somewhat intimidating at the start.

“I hadn’t been in college since ’86-’87, and it was challenging—especially the computer work,” she explains. “I was in an entirely new field. Anatomy and physiology, kinesiology…using your brain that way is challenging.”

Although poetry and massage may seem unrelated, Martin says that the two aren’t as far apart as you might think.

“They both put you in a place. Like Zen. You go into yourself,” she says.

Martin believes her interest in writing began with her mother and grandmother, who were both great letter writers. “And so am I,” she claims proudly.

Martin also loves to travel and she finds inspiration in those experiences.

She wrote her award-winning poem, “Roxanne in Paradise,” after a recent trip to see her cousin in Key West. Sharing photographs and stories of family serving in World War II created a visual image in Martin’s mind that later became an image in the poem. (As did Jimmy Buffet’s restaurant and a Cuban coffee.)

Minnesota School of Business librarian Neil Vig encouraged Martin to enter the poetry contest, and on a lark, she submitted three poems. “Roxanne in Paradise” was accepted. Martin was the only student from the St. Cloud campus to be published in the Creative Quill literary journal.

Martin is moving to the Twin Cities metro area soon and will look for employment as a massage therapist there. She is also looking forward to planning her next trip with her husband. Together, they have driven around all but one of the Great Lakes. Huron is the last on their list.

And Martin expects it to be inspiring.


Roxanne in Paradise
by Kim Martin

Café con Leche
On the beache
Shared a cup
With Don Ameche

Southernmost this
Southernmost that
Picked me up
A southernmost hat

Key lime pie
On a stick
Started to melt
I ate it quick

Chickens walking
All about
Hemingway’s cats
Go in and out

Drinking tequila
Wasting time
Me and Bob Vila

When I was there
I could see
Daddy and mom
By the banyan tree

That little place
They called Key West
I must go back
It was the best

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