What We Know: Health Sciences Students Serve as Resources to the Public

Posted by on September 18, 2013

What do immunizations, the Affordable Health Care Act and STDs have in common?

These are all things that medical assistant and health care management students are learning about this quarter at the Minnesota School of Business campuses in Elk River and Brooklyn Center. Health Care Management Program Chair Michael Zdychnec and Medical Assisting Program Chair Rebecca Pearson decided to host a public Health Care Fair to help their students engage with the public for their service learning projects.

Students earning their bachelor’s degree in health care management at MSB-Brooklyn Center learned about the changes in health care that are the direct result of the Affordable Health Care Act. These students created a brochure on MNSure and explained to attendees how the changes could affect them.

Students guided attendees to the MNSure website where they could see for themselves how they could benefit from the upcoming changes. One individual stated, “I was unaware that the Health Care Reform would be of any use to me. These students have shown me that even though I have insurance, I may be at a better advantage through this program.”

Many visitors agreed that they had many wrong ideas about the changes to health care before talking with the health care management students. For more information on how Minnesota health insurance can help you and your family, click on this link www.mnsure.org

Students in the Pharmacology class in the MSB-Elk River medical assistant program showed guests how important it is to get children immunized. The students had many questions from guests, one being, “I had the Tdap/TD (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) vaccine as a child—why do I need it again as an adult?”

The students showed that these immunizations protect adults from getting sick themselves and getting others sick. Students also encouraged families to bring the children into the clinic for regular physicals to make sure they stay current on immunizations well into adulthood.

Furthermore, medical assistant students in the Microbiology class taught people about the importance of safe sex practices. The students made brochures and a poster board about STDs. Many students explained that they were unaware that some of the symptoms of gonorrhea and chlamydia could be so similar yet be so different in the effects. Another student explained that they were shocked that the symptoms from so many STDs could potentially be diagnosed as a minor yeast infection or a urinary tract infection.

Overall, everyone learned something by attending this year’s Health Care Fair. The students and staff alike hope that this is a tradition we can continue at Minnesota School of Business, and in the future invite more campuses to join us.


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