Rochester Campus Earns Top 2013 National Night Out Award

Posted by on September 13, 2013

Much like prizes awarded at the state fair, Minnesota School of Business-Rochester loves wrapping our hands—and hearts—around them. Recently, MSB-Rochester celebrated National Night Out (NNO) 2013 by hosting our fifth annual event. After hundreds of nachos and an equal share of Rochester guests, not to mention a gravity-defying bounce house, prizes were finally bestowed upon 2013 winners. Coming out on top this year as Grand Prize Event is, yes, MSB-Rochester!

national night outAs a proud recipient of the distinguished award we would surely love to let everyone in Rochester know that the trophy is safely in our hands (picture is proof!). Now that we have done that, we would like to give our readers some NNO facts to let them know how our efforts merely swim in the sea of all the NNO hosts and supporters that do their part every year. As proud as we are, it takes a village. Here are some interesting facts about NNO 2013 provided by Rochester Police Department’s Darrel Hildebrant, crime prevention specialist and collective organizer of Rochester’s annual NNO events:

  • Rochester/Olmsted County had approximately 55,359+ people pre-registered for 208 major NNO events. 
  • Target donated a $1,000 grant to the Rochester Police Department and their local loss prevention staff acted as judges for our “Best Party of the Year” competition.
  • Thrivent Financial for Lutherans-Rochester donated $3,500 to the NNO Committee to help pay for printing and NNO supplies.
  • KTTC television (NBC) donated over $15,000 in PSAs. Post Bulletin wrote several articles about NNO. KROC-AM and KWWK-FM radio stations adopted our NNO program and aired several interviews and the Town Watch PSAs.
  • 7,000 NNO table tents and 500 posters were printed and distributed to local restaurants throughout the county and pizza delivery businesses taped mini-posters on all the pizza boxes.
  • 10 churches hosted large neighborhood gatherings.  They ranged from live bands, kids’ activities, to the church volunteers cooking the hamburgers and hotdogs.
  • 275+ Neighborhood Watches were directly involved in NNO city/countywide.
  • 25,000 + daily e-mails with NNO information were sent to all the block captains, community leaders, public subscribers and neighborhood association presidents.


national night out

So much takes place behind the scenes leading up to so many great NNO events. MSB-Rochester humbly accepts the 2013 award, and we embrace more and more community involvement for next year and beyond as we continually strive to strengthen Rochester together!


Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.