Where Are They Now? Bryan Benjamin Reflects on His MBA Degree

Posted by on September 6, 2013

master of business administration degreeBryan Benjamin graduated from Minnesota School of Business-Online in the Master of Business Administration degree program in March of 2009. Since earning his degree, he’s been busy with his career in engineering, helping his wife create a website of her own, and of course taking full advantage of any free time he can find. 

Let’s see what he’s been up to:

When did you decide to pursue your master’s degree?

I immediately went to college (following high school) for my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, and graduated in 1999. Then I took eight years off from school before getting my Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in 2009 from the Minnesota School of Business-Online.

What was your career like before enrolling at our school?

I started working as a civil engineer after my graduation in 1999. I worked at a firm in Iowa for two years and then moved back to Minnesota to work for my current firm. I’ve been a transportation engineer at Stantec for 12 years. I have progressed from a graduate engineer to a licensed professional engineer project manager.

How did your education enhance or change that path?

I was able to understand more of the business aspect that goes on behind the scenes at an engineering firm. I am now working with my wife to start her own food photography business (deliciousasitlooks.com). I will use the knowledge I gained from the MBA program to write the company’s business plan and work with the finances.

What piece of advice would you give to students considering the MBA program Online?

For 21 months, I was busy all of the time. I worked full-time and completed my online classes in the evenings and on weekends. It was well worth the occasional moments of stress to get my MBA. I recommend continuous improvement and more education is one important way to improve.

Okay, so you’re starting a website, you work full-time–what do you like to do outside of professional commitments?

I enjoy spending time with my family (wife Dianne and two pugs Maggie and Stanley). I do a lot of reading and exercising. I also spend way too much time on the computer.


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