Get Your Book On: 4 Back-to-School Tips from Our Instructors

Posted by on August 30, 2013

Historically, Labor Day has signified the end of summer. Last-minute vacations, fair excursions and preparations for the fall fill up the final weeks of August and opening weeks of September.

For many, the holiday also represents the beginning of a new school year and back-to-school preparations. Students of all ages will return to the classrooms, lecture halls and libraries to move one step closer to a diploma or degree.

The official fall start for Minnesota School of Business students is in October, but it is never too early to start preparing yourself for a new quarter of learning. Here are four pieces of advice from our instructors to help students transition from sandy beaches and warm summer nights, to classroom tables and study sessions.

back-to-schoolResident Veterinarian Dr. Whitney Woelfle (veterinary technology program)

“It never hurts to review what you learned during the previous semester. Refreshing the knowledge you gained will help dust off the cobwebs in your brain and start you off on the right foot for the new quarter.”

Director of Career Services Stacey Schmitt (Career Capstone instructor)back-to-school

“Even though Career Capstone is near the end of most programs, don’t be afraid to start your job search earlier in the program. Career services is here to help with that!”

back-to-schoolBusiness and Accounting Program Chair Bernie Mullen

“The best advice I could give to students making back-to-school preparations is don’t get behind in your homework. Only 30 percent of students actually read text in advance of class. If you don’t prepare, you’re continually playing catch-up. Come to class prepared and ready to engage in conversation.”

back-to-schoolService Learning Coordinator Amy Harms Hoad

“My advice would be talk to your teacher and form a relationship with them. We are always there for you, and we want to help you be successful. Ask questions and always know what’s expected of you in and out of the classroom.”

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