Veterinary Technicians, Technology and Temps Collide at State Fair

Posted by on August 27, 2013

veterinary technology program

Khrystina Northrop-Day (right) films a client-education video featuring Brenda Simek (left) at the Equimania exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair.

With temperatures soaring to all-time highs at the Minnesota State Fair recently, there was plenty of perspiration to go along with the customary offerings of deep-fried foods, Midway games and carnival rides.

Dr. Whitney Woelfle’s equine class from the Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth campus decided to pour their sweat into a valuable, real-world learning project.

The students, who are enrolled in the college’s veterinary technology program, visited the Equimania exhibit recently, utilizing its space, animals and information to produce short videos designed to help educate clients on their animals.

According to Woelfle, the class saw many of their classroom lessons unfolding before them in the horse barn, and Equimania offerings.

“The students were able to see many of the breeds we study in person,” Woelfle said. “All the different stations and animals the students experienced are things we have talked about in class…they now get to see them first-hand and apply what they have learned.”

With iPads set to be distributed to the entire Plymouth campus in October, the class got a head start by using the newest additions to the Minnesota School of Business learning model to complete an essential learning objective for the class.

veterinary technician

Brenda Simek (left), Khrystina Northrop-Day (center) and Kelsey DeMaris (right).

Students’ on-the-spot decision-making and assessment abilities were tested, much like the day-to-day challenges in the veterinary world.

“Making the videos on these subjects helped us think on our toes and really absorb the information we learned in class,” Khrystina Northrop-Day, a student in the class, said.

With veterinary client education evolving rapidly, it was important to give the students a preview of what clinics are doing to improve that, according to Woelfle.

“The focus of the whole project is client education,” Woelfle said. “A lot of clinics are putting these types of videos on their websites now, and we want to prepare our veterinary technician students for every part of the practice they will be involved in.”

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