Training in Session: Instructors Get the Scoop on Using iPad® for the Classroom

Posted by on August 26, 2013

You might think handing out class supplies to instructors would be boring, but you’d be wrong—at least when it comes to the iPad® distribution day at Minnesota School of Business-Elk River (MSB), that is.

On August 7, staff and faculty received their iPad tablets and got to work learning how to use them effectively in their classrooms. Dean of Faculty Megan Youngs and Campus Librarian Michael Schneider, the iPad Campus Advocates, prepared and facilitated training for the faculty members.

MSB-Elk River Business Chair Brian Stewart said, “The training was straightforward and built a foundation for future success in utilizing the iPad in class.”

Instructors learned about setting up their new iPad, caring for it, email, and adding the required apps for their classes.

Tammy Erickson, director of career services, was excited about the benefits it will give her Career Capstone students.

“With the built-in camera, students will be able to access websites where they participate in mock interviews, record their answers and play back the interview in order to improve their interviewing skills,” she said.

All participants were willing to laugh, learn and discover the possibilities the iPad will bring to enhance students’ learning. Incorporating the iPad into all classes is part of the Minnesota School of Business Educational User Experience initiative, an innovative, technology-focused approach to make the classroom experience more engaging.

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