3 Investigations – Students Apply Skills to Solve Crimes

Posted by on August 21, 2013

At Minnesota School of Business, hands-on experiences are a major part of our students’ learning process. Each degree program focuses on engaging students in a range of field trips, applied learning projects and guest speakers. Four criminal justice program students in the Investigation: Processes and Procedures class at the Shakopee campus recently visited the Scott County Association for Leadership and Efficiency in Jordan, Minn., as part of a class field trip.

The students, joined by Matt Stiehm, criminal justice program chair, visited the facility to take part in real-life investigation scenarios that offered a chance to apply a variety of the skills the students are learning in an experiential manner. As part of the experience, the students learned how to handle an investigation surrounding a variety of emergency situations.criminal justice program

“The Scott County Association for Leadership and Efficiency field trip gave our students a chance to experience real investigative situations,” Stiehm said. “The students were able to directly use skills they are learning as part of the class and relate them to the scenarios they were given.”

Some of the scenarios provided to the students included an investigation into a domestic dispute, which turned out not to be a crime, but involved an altercation between family members. Another scenario focused on loss prevention and the investigation process that goes along with criminal theft. The students also investigated a burglary that took place at a bar.

The scenarios featured common situations that criminal justice professionals deal with on a regular basis. For the students it provided a glimpse into the world of work they will soon join following graduation.

“The time we spent at the Scott County Association for Leadership and Efficiency not only allowed the students to investigate and solve crime scenarios, but it also removed the element of being in the classroom and created a sense of authenticity to the experience,” Stiehm said.

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