How Can Companies Find and Retain Talented Employees?

Posted by on August 9, 2013

Meghan Hathaway, community manager at Minnesota School of Business in Blaine (MSB), participated on a panel of business leaders to discuss the topic of “Finding and Retaining a Talented Workforce.”  The event was held at the Tournament Players Club during the 3M Championship and coordinated by the MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce.

3M Championship

(From left) Cathy Trotter, Wal-Mart; Meghan Hathaway, MSB; John Jung, Doherty Staffing Solutions; John Peichel of General Electric Power and Water; and Diane Duguay, Kraus Anderson Construction Company

The panel was moderated by Diane Duguay of Kraus Anderson Construction Company. Hathaway highlighted the perspective of young professionals and new graduates entering the workforce, and what they are looking for in a position.

“It was an honor to be asked to serve on this panel on behalf of young professionals and new graduates,” said Hathaway. “The new generation of workers is much different than the baby boomer generation in terms of skills in technology, workplace values, and motivation factors that drive them to succeed. It’s encouraging to see organizations looking at ways to reach them.”

Three other panelists joined Hathaway and had varying perspectives on the topic. John Peichel of General Electric Power and Water, and Cathy Trotter of Wal-Mart in Blaine, shared success stories of their organizations. John Jung of Doherty Staffing Solutions shared what he is doing to engage talent in the workforce from a staffing agency perspective.

Dave Erickson, MSB business program chair, and Melissa Young, director of career services at MSB, also attended the event. “As someone who follows workforce development and uses it in my college classrooms as a business adviser and instructor, I was impressed by the depth of general economic knowledge and specific recommendations made by the panel for prospective workers seeking employable positions today,” said Erickson.

He added, “The focus was more on the use of social media like LinkedIn and Facebook, both to recruit to and find good jobs, than it was on employable skills, which was covered in the first such session last year and continues to be important today.  As Meghan Hathaway noted, many workers today are looking for ‘stability, challenge and growth’ in their jobs. She also noted that they are looking to make a meaningful contribution and being shown appreciation for a job well done.”

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