What’s In a Program? Students Talk About Their College Choice

Posted by on July 31, 2013

Choosing a college and program of study can be a daunting task. Coming back after a long layoff or even to pursue a second career can be even more stressful. Every quarter we see many of our students in these very situations choosing to better themselves by furthering their education.

To illustrate that point, we at Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth asked several of our students why they chose to come back to school (if they had attended before), and why they chose the program they did. Here’s what they said:

Massage Therapy
Marina Jepson – Massage Therapy

“I want to do something that I want to do for the rest of my life,” she said. “I’m really enjoying learning about the muscles and how they work together, and how massage therapy can alleviate a lot of stresses and tensions in peoples’ lives.”

Veterinary TechnologyAndrea Gordon – Veterinary Technology

“This is my second time going to college…I knew that I really loved science and animals so it seemed liked a perfect fit.”

Tony Rohr – Health Fitness  Health Fitness

“I originally was interested in the veterinary technology program, but my [admissions representative] suggested the health fitness program. I’ve always been a gym rat and I also like to teach. It was a perfect fit to combine those two passions.”

Business Administration
Brad Batdorf – Business Administration

“I was kind of in [the field] before school, working in business and sales, and I thought business administration sounded like a good option to get a good background in everything business. I want to get back in sales when I’m done here.”

Nicholas Roden – Accounting and Tax SpecialistAccounting

“I had wanted to go back to school for a while. I like working with numbers and solving problems, so the accounting and tax specialist program sounded like an all-around good degree to get.”

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