23 of the Hottest iPad Apps for College Students + a Few More for Pure Entertainment!

Posted by on July 30, 2013


1. StudyBlue Flashcards 

This app, catering to the everyday student, makes it possible to take studying on the go without hauling around an entire deck of flashcards. Helping you get access to all of your class material wherever you are. StudyBlue helps you study in the most organized fashion.

2. Evernote Peek

Keeping your hectic life in sync, this app makes everything from your files to images available on each device you use. That new pasta recipe or online journal article you stumbled across yesterday, save that with Evernote too! This app allows you to share your notes which make group projects much easier.

3. Graphing Calculator

If you haven’t already made the investment, we all know how steep the price of a new handheld graphing calculator off the shelf can be. Why not save yourself the hassle of remembering that extra thing and just pull up this app on your iPad for FREE! Reviews show that these apps have all the features and capabilities your average TI calculator holds.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox works wherever you are which makes uploading and sharing files and photos far too easy. Not only can you have all of your documents in the same place but editing documents is an option too. No more hauling around that hefty computer just for that one paper you have to quickly finish this morning. Now everything is right on your iPad screen ready to finalize!

5. iTunes U

Apple’s new app iTunes U gives you access to the largest online spread of free educational pieces from the highest institutions. Writing a research paper? Why not pull up this app on your iPad and browse the unlimited books covering almost any and all subjects needed. With this virtual library, you will find creditable information ready for your taking.

6. Dictionary.com

Those hefty dictionaries aren’t getting any lighter to drag around with our growing language. This app provides everything from definitions to synonyms. Trying to expand your vocabulary to impress your new professor this upcoming semester? The Dictionary.com app provides you with both a Word of the Day as well as The Hot Word for all of you sophisticated speakers and writers!

7. Rate My Professors

As college students, we all know how stressful registration can be. Not only is picking classes a major decision but the professor you’re signing up to spend the rest of the semester with is huge also! This app gives you feedback from past students sharing their opinions on how the professor teaches including ratings on “easiness” and “helpfulness”… as well as hotness if that’s a deciding factor for you!

8. Blackboard Mobile Learn

For many universities, Blackboard is a website used by both professors and students to keep up with courses and post information. Keeping the Blackboard app on your iPad will help you avoid the whole “shoot, I lost my syllabus, I wonder what’s due for class today” scenario!

9. TED

The TED app has a bunch of talks and presentations from the world’s most knowledgeable people. This library is available at the touch of a finger any time, any day. This app has speakers covering everything from educational subjects to music legends. Best part, you can download them and watch them offline and share your favorite talks with friends and family!

10. iSource MLA

Oh the dreaded bibliography! Keeping track of direct quotes and resources may be one of the most difficult things when it comes to writing academic papers. This app, which is easy to use, helps compile your sources into the correct format. An APA version of this app is also available if needed!

11. Kindle 

Whether it’s for a course or pleasure, a good reader app is a must on your iPad. This will help organize bigger pieces of literature in a useful way. You have the ability to delete books as you go. You can change the font size too! Constantly zooming in on a page just to see the font can get old pretty quickly!

12. Wikipanion

A professor’s worst nightmare, Wikipedia still thrives as one of the most used search engines out there. This app makes searching for information easy. With a Table of contents, this app will get you information and facts in an effective way. Side note: from an educational perspective and so you don’t look unintelligent, be sure to double check your facts because some have questionable opinions on Wikipedia!

13. Wi-Fi Finder

For the iPad user, Wi-Fi is a must! This app lets you download all the locations offline so you can get to them when you are on the go. You can filter locations by paid or free Wi-Fi and by restaurant, café, etc. Once you pick a place, Wi-Fi Finder gives you the phone number and directions to that location!


14. Any.do

Ever feel like a personal assistant would really come in handy but your funds just don’t allow for that? This nifty, award winning app has got your back! Helping plan your day every morning, Any.do makes your daily agenda simple. This app gives you friendly reminders of what you need to do and syncs with your calendar to make scheduling easier.

15. iStudiez Pro ($2.99)

This scheduling app is geared toward the student managing school along with a personal life. With everything you could possibly need in one app, iStudiez has many functions. The daily schedule summary, a grade and GPA tracker, or the assignments organizer can help you out. With all of this at a touch on your iPad it seems like it would be impossible to get stressed in life… well, maybe not!

16. myHomework

Looking at this app, paper student planners are old news. This app helps you organize all assignments due with an easy to use layout. We all know something like this would come in handy around midterms or finals week when you feel like there are a million things on your plate! The myHomework app could help you get organized and figure out a starting point in your piles of homework!

17. Mint.com Personal Finance

Budgeting is something that can be a struggle for some of us. This personal iPad app helps you keep your money in check. It links to multiple accounts including checking, savings, and even credit cards. Tracking your transactions, this app basically does the work for you. Now when you’re deciding if that little black dress is in your budget or not, the Mint.com app will have the answer for you!

18. Sticky Notes for iPad

When you have actual sticky notes stuck all over everything, people may think you are a little scatterbrained! Why not download an app on your iPad and fill it with a million virtual sticky reminders of things you are trying not to forget! Organize your tons of sticky notes into folders making being a tad spacey even more structured. Plus you have nothing extra to carry around or misplace!


19. LinkedIn

If the workforce in your near future, networking is key! With this app right on your iPad you have connections and articles with a swipe of your finger. The LinkedIn app is personalized by how each person uses it every day. Edit your profile or connect with your new coworker, the networking possibilities are endless!

20. WordPress

Are you a blogger or maybe just a writer looking for somewhere to put your words down? This app for the WordPress blogging site gives you access to your current site or a chance to begin one. Using WordPress from your iPad lets you blog whenever something inspires you, no matter where you are!

21. 8Tracks

For all you music junkies, this is an app for you! Making playlists from other users based on the type of music you are looking for, 8Tracks is perfect for the library. Putting this app on your iPad lets you take your favorite playlists and music choices with you! Plus you’re stumbling upon a bunch of new tunes!

22. Spotify

Letting you find millions of songs, this app lets you “star” any jam adding it to your “Favorites Playlist” right on your iPad! Spotify gives you the option to search their massive collection of music and create your own playlists and you can follow your Facebook friends’ playlists. That makes sharing music easy! What’s not to love about THAT?!

23. Buzzfeed

Making news that much more entertaining, this app on your iPad will give you the latest and greatest of what’s going on in the world. With both entertaining and factual pieces, you get news coming from everywhere. Buzzfeed lets you customize your feed so you see more of what you want and less of what you don’t! Share the What’s Hot stories to your other social media pages and share a chuckle with your friends!

**EXTRAS: Best of the Best Entertaining Apps!**


Looking to try out some new cuisine but have no idea where or what you’re looking for? This app will be your best friend. UrbanSpoon shows you every restaurant in your city! With filters you can decide which neighborhood you want to look in, what kind of dish you are in the mood for and what price range you want to spend. With offline access your information is stored on your iPad making restaurant shopping portable!


Fact: Pinning is addicting. If you’re not familiar, this website is basically a BUNCH of cool stuff and everyone should check it out! Looking for a new dinner to try for the night? How about a DIY tutorial for your new apartment? With this app on your iPad you can find those things right here and now!


If you are not a snap chatter already, prepare yourself for some laughs! This app, which you can get on your iPad, snaps a picture or video which you can send to friends. Best part about it is that your picture is on a timer and once it’s gone, it’s gone! Snap a picture, add a caption, send to a friend or multiple and you’ve got yourself Snapchat!


For my online shoppers out there, you are welcome! This app is basically the Costco of online shopping. You need a new pair of nude wedges? If you type that into the search bar, a million photos will show up with links to websites. Not in the mood to type in your credit card number or funds don’t allow? Save the item for a later date on your profile. Also, follow your favorite stores or users to see what they are posting!


If you are a guy reading this, disregard! For my ladies, this app is pure entertainment. Basically hooking up with your Facebook, this site shows all your male friends and their “Lulu Ratings.” Coming from other peoples’ opinions of this person, the guy is given a score in multiple aspects of their personality. Even funnier, hashtags such as “#Mama’sBoy” haunt many of the guys on there!


Again, for the single ladies… and gentlemen, this app links up with your Facebook friends as well as friends of friends. It works as an online dating profile type thing. Showing a few pictures you upload, your name and age, you swipe other people’s photos either left or right. It all depends on if you’re interested or not! If you swipe someone right and they swipe you right as well, congratulations… y’all are a match which means you can chat and see what happens!

There are a million ways for you to use the apps on your iPad to better your education. We rounded up a list of the ones we thought would be most beneficial. Plus, we added a couple extras for those few moments of downtime you may have during the day. Don’t forget to read our blog for the next round up post on how to get the most out of your new iPad!

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