Want a Job? Make an Offer!

Posted by on July 29, 2013

Like many recent college graduates, Troy Larsen has been waiting to find the right job in his field of study. A Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud graduate in the Interactive Media and Graphic Design program, Larsen has been working in another position while hoping to fulfill his dream to become a professional graphic designer.

Minnesota School of Business, graduate success, interactive media and graphics, student storyRecently, Larsen landed a design job in a most unexpected way—he handed out his business card and offered a local businessman assistance on upgrading his website. The next day, Kevin Deick of D & D Custom Laser in Randall, Minn., called back with a project and said, “maybe you can help me with this.”

D & D creates cribbage boards and art pieces for local and far-reaching distribution of lakes, states, wildlife and parks. Deick needed designs fashioned for Lake Michigan and Split Rock, Larsen agreed to give it a try.

Larsen began with a free-hand drawing that Deick approved, then took the next step and went to the computer. The program that D & D uses is not one which Larsen knew well so he returned to MSB and asked to use the Mac Lab, where he created the design that was transferred to a die-cut wood shape.

To his shock, Deick offered him a job. It is part-time work for now but Larsen is excited to be employed in his field and feels valued for the knowledge he brings to D & D.

“I like it,” he says. “I go there and it doesn’t feel like work.”

He credits his education at MSB for preparing him for the job.

“Working with several instructors, each with different approaches, was really helpful,” he explains. “The programs here prepped me for other professional programs.”

At least as important, Larsen stresses, were the “real world” skills he learned. “Training here [at MSB] was really helpful because I learned how to communicate and sell myself better.” Working on multiple projects for actual businesses, such as Icing Dreams cake shop while he was still in school readied him for a position like the one he got at D & D.

Larsen looks forward to a future doing exactly what he loves best: graphic design for a genuine purpose!

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