Breaking News: Student Volunteers Grab IBM’s Attention

Posted by on July 26, 2013

The only thing better than having good neighbors is helping them. The same philosophy applies to the business world. As neighbors, Minnesota School of Business-Rochester and IBM-Rochester have collaborated for four years by providing volunteers for the annual IBM Alumni Picnic at IBM-Rochester’s Woodside Park. As routine as the relationship has been over the past three years, this year was exceptional due to the quality of the volunteers which will only further strengthen the relationship. Taylor Metcalf and Gabriel Muller, current bachelor of science in business administration students, did what was asked of them-and then went above and beyond!

So, how did Taylor and Gabe take an ordinary job and make it so exceptional? Plain and simple: initiative. Average workers would see only the work that needed to be done. Taylor and Gabe quickly completed what was expected and then looked for more work to do. This fine line between average and exceptional is often times overlooked, from doing the work itself to actual recognition, because people are routinely expected to do just enough.

Taking notice of their extra effort was the event organizer and president of the IBM alumni group, Kathy Henderson, who happily expressed the following appreciation:

“Taylor and Gabriel did an outstanding job at our picnic. They really did more than I had thought they would have to do. They did all the original things I had asked, including cleaning and moving tables, and helping with serving during the picnic. They also bagged garbage placing it where the grounds crew wanted it and moved many tables back into the other park areas. I know they were tired when they left. We really enjoyed them and appreciated all their hard work. Thanks for MSB-Rochester’s help in finding us such good workers and please extend my sincere thank you to them. We would be happy to have them back in the future.”

Equaling Kathy’s enthusiasm are Taylor and Gabe, who both enjoyed the opportunity to help with the event and meet IBM retirees:

Minnesota School of Business-Rochester, volunteer

“We certainly spent a lot of time prepping for the event, including cleaning and moving tables, emptying garbage cans and removing full bags from the garbage bins for collection by the grounds crew. Beyond the routine work, we saw an opportunity to further help the organizer and engage attendees by serving pop and cake while also interacting with retirees by collecting trash from the tables. Overall, it felt less like work and more like networking because we were able to joke around with the retirees. I smiled and laughed a lot, so this briefly expresses my overall experience.”

  • Taylor Metcalf, business administration student

Minnesota School of Business-Rochester, volunteer

“I think the picnic was a complete success. It was a very rewarding experience, and what a pleasure it was helping the retirees. I appreciate that MSB-Rochester’s staff referred me to volunteer. Thanks!”

  • Gabriel Muller, business administration student

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