4 Secrets to Success in College and Beyond

Posted by on July 24, 2013

In her first quarter at the Lakeville campus of Minnesota School of Business (MSB), Sabrina Edwards has made quite an impact on the campus and local community. We are proud to call Sabrina our Student of the Quarter for summer 2013. Sabrina enrolled at MSB in the veterinary technology degree program after she made the decision to fulfill her passion of working with animals.

Veterinary technology degree

Sabrina Edwards

“Sabrina comes to MSB having overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles,” said Joel Bisser, service learning coordinator and one of Sabrina’s instructors. “Achieving perfect attendance in all of her classes, she has also been very active and contributes not only to classroom discussions, but also to our campus and surrounding community.”

According to her instructors, Sabrina exhibits four traits that have set her up for success in her college experience and beyond:

  1. Strong work ethic
  2. Professionalism
  3. Perseverance
  4. Service to others

For those who have yet to meet Sabrina, we asked her to share a little about herself.

What would be your ideal job?
“My ideal job would most definitely involve working at or with a big cat rescue sanctuary. This is one of many reasons I chose this degree as a path to a future career.”

Veterinary technology degree

Sabrina volunteers with Majestic Hills Ranch, a MSB-Lakeville community partner.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?
“The two greatest accomplishments in my life are the day I became sober and quit smoking, and the day that I finally made the choice to pursue my dream and go back to school.”

Who is your hero?
“The greatest hero in my life and my biggest cheerleader is my mom. Without her I would have been lost to the world a long time ago. She put many hours and days in saving me from my own destruction. This degree will in some small way hopefully repay her for all she did and does for me.”

Bisser added, “Sabrina’s passion and talent for learning, writing, helping others and her determination are the model of an exemplary college student.”

We congratulate Sabrina on her accomplishments and look forward to her continued success!

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