So You Want to Be a College Student? 5 Things You Need to Know

Posted by on July 22, 2013

Minnesota School of Business Director of Admissions Busts 5 Myths About Going to College

college admissionsMYTH #1:  You Need to Know What You Want to Do.  Although many students arrive at the door knowing exactly where they want their career path to take them—with test scores, GPA and letters of recommendation in hand—there are also many who are uncertain and may hold off checking out colleges as a result.

Minnesota School of Business Director of Admissions Kim Plombon says that part of the admissions team’s role is to help prospective students along the road of career discovery by asking a lot of questions. “We ask what they like and what they don’t like, and then we ask why.”  The why, she stresses, is crucially important. “It helps us recommend a career field, but also tells us what to avoid.” Students are then able to define for themselves the direction they want to follow.

MYTH #2:  You Won’t Get In.  Prospective students often will disqualify themselves even before beginning the process. They fear they goofed off in high school, or they waited too long after graduating to apply to college. “They might be scared,” Plombon explains, “[and] they don’t always have the confidence. They maybe worry about the resources.”

She urges interested students to contact her team with any concerns. “Being able to help them in the process is what we do,” she says. “Maybe they don’t have the GPA, but they get a chance, too. We look at options.”

MYTH #3:  You Face Too Many Challenges. In nine years of working in college admissions, Plombon truly feels that she has heard and seen it all, and she says that she never ceases to be inspired by what the human spirit can accomplish. She describes recent immigrants, students without support systems and even grandmothers enrolling, graduating and finding jobs in their chosen fields.

“My team really takes the We Care philosophy to heart,” she says. “They do all they can to help prep [students with special challenges] to get ready for college.” Plombon cites a recent student with Asperger’s Syndrome as a perfect example of that care. The admissions team went above and beyond to ensure the student felt confident in his schedule and college routine. A concerned father looked over his shoulder, watching out for him. Plombon relates the pride she felt when the student turned to him with steady assurance and said, “Dad, I’ve got this.”

MYTH #4:  It’s Not that Different from High School. Plombon notes that there is sometimes a lack of understanding of the culture of a business college. “We expect a level of professionalism, maturity and responsibility,” she explains. “We look at the college classroom as an extension of the business world.” Although this attitude comes as a surprise to some students, they appreciate the rigor later as they begin to prepare for entry into the workforce.

MYTH #5:  You Can Always Go Back. Although technically this is true and she believes you’re never too old to learn, Plombon says that often the longer you wait the harder it gets. “It’s a changing world,” she notes. “Think especially of technology.” She advises that if you are interested in furthering your education, come in now. Ask the questions. Start the process. You will be surprised how quickly you learn the perks of being a college student. And you will love how excited it makes you feel!

If you have questions about becoming a college student at Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud, contact Kim Plombon at or 320-257-2010.

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