Learn How This Graduate Does Her Best Work at 120 mph

Posted by on July 19, 2013

Brielle Smith, a recent graduate of the medical assistant program at Minnesota School of Business-Rochester (MSB), is going places, literally. She recently completed a trip to Orlando, Florida, as a student ambassador for McGraw-Hill at the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU) conference. Although the trip was short and sweet, and much like some notable “jumps” she has made thus far in life, she made the best of it. Enjoy making the best of spending a few minutes with her:  

How were you selected for the trip? How smooth was the process?

As luck and connections would have it, a previous healthcare management program chair, Annette Hoffman, contacted me about the opportunity. A McGraw-Hill representative contacted Annette about recommending some students for the trip because our school uses McGraw-Hill textbooks. My name came up during their initial conversation and Annette had the rep contact me directly. The main reason why I was referred, and ultimately selected, had to do with being a student in the medical assistant program. This all happened so fast, from selection to arriving in Florida, so much so that I was selected on a Monday and arrived there on Wednesday.

Medical Assistant ProgramCan you tell our readers what you did during the event?

The primary reason for being there was to represent the McGraw-Hill booth, as a student ambassador, with two other students from different schools. My experience using the coding and billing textbook, published by McGraw-Hill, is used in the medical assistant program so I discussed textbook information with booth visitors.
How did this experience benefit you as medical assistant program graduate?

An additional reason for being selected was to assist the editors with updating textbook information. From my review and feedback, McGraw-Hill can update the next edition of the textbook. Providing my insight was rewarding, especially while working side by side with key McGraw-Hill employees who work in finance, marketing, communications, and editing. These important people, or big honchos, were very appreciative and encouraging, I felt right at home. I also met the president of the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU), which was cool.

What is your post-medical assistant program employment plan? 

I was offered and happily accepted a medical assistant job at The Gables in Rochester, Minnesota, starting August 6th. I’m excited to have this chapter in my working life begin after spending so much time preparing for the field. I’m also enrolled at Riverland Community College in Austin, Minnesota, where I intend on pursuing a nursing degree. Between gaining healthcare experience as a medical assistant and completing a bachelors degree for nursing in less than two years, my plan is to eventually work in diabetes education.  

What did you like most about the medical assistant program? Why would you encourage somebody to enroll?

Originally, my plan did not include nursing, which is why I chose medical assisting. With less than two years to complete the program, it was short and sweet. For the healthcare field in general, I enjoy the hands-on work that is done while working with patients. The medical assistant degree allows you the option to work in a clinic setting, which you can’t do without the degree. It also provides more involvement than the nursing positions, mainly nursing assistants, which does not require a degree. If this is something a person is passionate about, and blood does not scare them, then I would suggest the medical assistant program at MSB-Rochester. The school has small class sizes, qualified instructors with real-world experience and the learning environment fit me well.

Medical Assistant Program

Tell our readers something unique about you that only close family and friends would know:

Even though I’m serious about my future and focused on being successful early in life, I do like to try new things. The most unique thing I’ve done so far is skydiving. It was a rush like no other and I would like to do it again someday.

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