Make Way for the Student Ambassadors!

Posted by on June 28, 2013

“What if prospective and in-coming college students were greeted by student ambassadors who could share their personal experience?”

Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud Career Services and Academic Coordinator Jessica Ward may have been surprised with the speed by which Director of Admissions Kim Plombon responded to this (somewhat) rhetorical question with, “I love it!”

Initially an idea to have active students on campus help with student association recruitment week, the more Ward and Plombon discussed it, the bigger and better the idea became. Almost immediately a pilot program was born to pair student ambassadors with incoming students.

Minnesota School of Business

Kim Hennen, Student Ambassador

“It is a way for current students to champion their own story and the school,” Ward explains. “There is value in the one-on-one connection.”

Plombon and Ward know there’s a large number of activities and events that student ambassadors can promote: the annual high school graduation party, new student orientation and summer open house, to name a few.

Kim Hennen, an information technology degree student, will be one of the new student ambassadors. She is excited to help someone who has never gone to college see that “it’s not hard or scary either, even if you are married with three kids.”

Hennen feels that the ambassador program could even influence people like her sister, who never saw college as a part of her future, choose to attend school.

Ward believes the program is a win-win for new and current students alike. She sees the ambassadors gaining from personal and professional growth through the experience.

“They will be interacting with others, speaking publicly and enhancing their leadership skills,” she says. “And new students will find it easier going into that classroom [by] not feeling alone.”

Ward and Plombon agree that they will need to adapt the program and grow it as it develops. In the meantime, they join student ambassadors Kim Hennen, Kristina Bauck, Dan Peterson and Erin Stocker in saying, “Welcome to MSB!”

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