Weekdays with Bernie: Introducing Our New Business & Accounting Chair

Posted by on June 27, 2013

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Business and Accounting Chair Bernie Mullen

“My energy comes from being in the classroom…As an educator, tapping into and bringing out students’ potential is like a drug.” – Bernie Mullen

Coaxing every ounce of potential from a classroom full of vastly different students is a tall order. You will not find many people as passionate and energetic about that task than Bernie Mullen, our new business and accounting chair at the Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth (MSB). 

Mullen, who started in June, brings more than 20 years of work in hospitality management, and eight years of classroom experience at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and Globe University to the job.

“The way I look at teaching is that it is not just a one-and-done situation where you impact [students’] lives today,” Mullen said. “You impact them forever.”

Graduating with an accounting degree, Mullen started his career in the private accounting field before finding his way to hospitality management. After arriving, he held various roles that included controller, general manager, asset management and vice president of operations. Along with his chair duties, he currently is the managing partner of Encompass Hospitality Group, LLC.

With all that experience, his expertise in the finance, operations, organizational development and the accounting field will be an asset to all Plymouth students.

“What I’ve discovered is that all three are interwoven,” Mullen said. “All great companies perfectly mix these areas, and that’s what I’ll aim to teach my students to do.”

Teaching the essential skills of the business and accounting fields will not be the only thing Mullen plans to pass on to his students.

“I want [students] to realize that greatness is not being someone else. It is doing everything you can to tap into your own potential.”

The Bernie Mullen Profile

Doctoral work – Hospitality Management, Iowa State University
Master of Science, Organizational Development, Argosy University
Bachelor of Science, Accounting and Finance, Biola (Calif.) University

Managing Partner
Encompass Hospitality Group, LLC

Vice President, Hotel Operations
Blithe Hospitality Group

Asset Management/Organizational Development
Capitol Hotel Group

General Manager
Sheraton Duluth & Sheraton Midtown Minneapolis

Area Controller
Capitol Hotel Group

Maplewood Hotel Corporation

MEI Incorporated

Tax accountant
Bonilla, CPA

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