Student Designs Website to Help Feed the Hungry

Posted by on June 21, 2013

Minnesota School of Business Online
Recently, Minnesota School of Business-Online caught wind of a student who had designed a website in support of a cause that was near to her heart, Reaching Kids International.  Business administration degree student, Robin Solarz, decided to use the opportunity her Global Citizenship class offered her to establish a food and blanket donation website that allows its users to donate food items directly through the web!

Minnesota School of Business OnlineUsing the YouGiveGoods platform, Robin was able to set up a drive specific to her cause, Reaching Kids International. Essentially, users can log into Robin’s site and choose one of three ways to donate. Users can choose:

  1. A simple cash donation,
  2. A pre-packaged case of food, or
  3. Individual food items.

Once the user has selected the items they’d like to purchase, they simply go through the checkout process and the items are delivered directly to the organization in need.

If you would like to help support Robin in her service-learning project and special cause, you can log on to her site by clicking here.

Robin’s service and applied learning are integral components of our curriculum at Minnesota School of Business. These projects help students feel good about themselves, provide unique experiences that help reinforce what they learn in class, and develop relationships with people they would not have met otherwise. Learn more about Minnesota School of Business by visiting our website at

If you are a student and would like to share your service or applied learning project with others, please contact directly.

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