3 Ways Veterinary Technology Students Prepare for Success

Posted by on June 21, 2013

Hands-on learning is one of the major reasons that students choose to attend Minnesota School of Business. For students in the veterinary technology degree program at the Lakeville campus, the spring 2013 quarter brought a variety of experiential learning. Whether it was performing surgeries as part of class, teaching youth about caring for their pets, or hosting a vaccine clinic, the veterinary technology students participated in valuable career skills-based experiences.

1. Surgery and Anesthesia ClassVeterinary technology degree
Six surgical procedures were completed this quarter with the assistance of veterinary technology students, beginning week two of the quarter with two cat neuters. The students were able to practice their clinical skills, and they excelled in professionalism, a necessary trait to be successful in the field.

The procedures allowed students to apply their knowledge of drug calculations, venipuncture, blood count, restraint and more. By working with the animals, the students were also able to practice “spur of the moment” situations that cannot be taught in class.

2. Junior Vet Tech
Students in the Advanced Clinical Skills class conducted Junior Vet Tech, a community education event for children. During the event the participants learned how to properly care for cats, dogs, mice and rats. The event had three sessions:

  • Physical exams: Participants learned what to look for and what is normal or healthy on each animal.
  • Pet care: Participants were taught how to care for their pets, including tips on grooming, bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning and more.
  • Laboratory: Participants learned about a variety of parasites that can be found in their pet’s stool, on their hair or in their blood. Proper hand washing was also covered.
The children seemed to take a great deal from the event, with one participant sharing, “I didn’t know we could get bugs from our animals!”Veterinary technology degree

3. Vaccine Clinic

On May 31, students in Pharmacology class provided Rabies and Distemper vaccines for pets of Minnesota School of Business students, faculty and staff. During the clinic, students offered vaccinations to 15 animals.
Divided into three groups, the students completed a physical exam, animal history and documentation of animal health status prior to the vaccination. Students also completed appropriate paperwork; Dr. Christy Hutchins, resident veterinarian, then signed the documentations. The applied learning project allowed the students to practice their skills in a clinical way and also provide an important service to our campus community.
With the success of the vaccine clinic, there are already plans to host an even larger scale event in the future.

 The veterinary technology department continues to plan new and exciting activities and events aimed at preparing our students for their career following graduation.

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