Networking at a Paralegal Career Fair: It’s Who You Know

Posted by on June 13, 2013

To increase the likelihood of a student obtaining their dream job, Minnesota School of Business-Rochester hosted a Paralegal Career Fair on campus for current and future paralegal studies degree students and graduates. Seven tables were reserved for local law firms’ representatives in the student commons, and all attendees had the opportunity to network with legal professionals, seek advice on entering the paralegal field and share resumes.

paralegal studies degree

Creating these connections between professionals and students have led to employment opportunities in the past, so continuing them for this benefit alone serves our future paralegals very well.

The Minnesota Paralegal Association was present and representatives discussed the benefits of joining a professional association.  The networking opportunities, notification of job leads and fun events offered by the association will engage students in the paralegal field. Students who had any questions about how to get involved were able to do so.

Also, students were invited to speak with a graduate who is now working as a paralegal. This was extremely beneficial since the law firm is in the process of hiring a part-time receptionist and considering a legal assistant position.  Last week, students finalized their resumes and cover letters, and then submitted an application for this position. Now, they have a chance to meet an employer before an interview is scheduled.

In addition, students had the chance to network with attorneys in private practice and employed by the government.  Students learned the skills valued in a paralegal and received helpful hints while applying for positions.  Also, a private investigator with a paralegal degree was available to show students an alternative to working at a law office, corporation or government setting.  

The Rochester campus always enjoys and appreciates having potential employers on our campus in order to give students the opportunity to expand their professional network.

Interested in working as a paralegal? Contact Megan at 507-536-9500 to get started.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.