What Preschoolers Can Teach Us About Courage

Posted by on June 7, 2013

For many people, just the thought of going to the doctor can be frightening. As part of an applied learning project in the Patient Care Sciences class at Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville, Mitze Kile and Erika Martin, medical assistant program students, met with preschool aged children to ease any fears they may have about visiting the doctor.

Mitze and Erika joined Michelle Galloway, medical assistant program chair, at Amazing Beginnings Montessori in Inver Grove Heights for the event. During the experience the students worked with the children to demonstrate what they can expect when going to the doctor. The students took the children’s blood pressure, pulse and temperature.medical assistant program

The students were able to answer the children’s questions and engage them in an interactive manner. The exercises were a great way to inform and prepare the children, and they also gave Mitze and Erika an opportunity to practice the skills they are learning in class in a real-life approach.

The preschoolers taught the students a valuable lesson as well—it is usually the unknown that puts people on edge, and through education fears are often calmed.

In addition to discussing what the children can expect when visiting the doctor, the students spoke about the importance of healthy eating habits. The students explained to the children what types of foods and how much of those foods should be incorporated in our diets to be healthy. The students left goodie bags with the children that included band aids, healthy recipes and coloring sheets.

“The students did a great job of engaging the kids at Amazing Beginnings Montessori,” Galloway said. “These types of applied learning projects give the medical assistant program students a unique opportunity to practice both their clinical and professional skills. Because many of the graduates will work with children at some point in their career, it also offered a chance to practice working with that age group, something we aren’t able to practice while in the classroom.”

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