This Instructor Could Save Your Life

Posted by on June 7, 2013

Nothing can duplicate real-world, hands-on experience in one’s career. Instructors at Minnesota School of Business-Rochester epitomize this truth, and students attend our school for that very reason. Katie Snow, a medical assistant program faculty member, is one such instructor. Enjoy learning more about the value she provides in both the classroom and emergency medicine. It may just save your life: 

Did your career start at Mayo, or did you grow into Mayo?

I was born and raised at the Mayo Clinic, and I mean that literally. I was born at Methodist Hospital and have received my entire health care from Mayo. The only place I know is Mayo Clinic. I couldn’t imagine working or being a patient anywhere else. I believe in the Mayo Clinic and I value the positive reputation that Mayo has made for itself. I am proud to say that I am a part of the Mayo team.

How did you get into emergency medicine?

I fell in love with emergency medicine when I was in nursing school. 

How do you maintain your cool and focus in the face of lifesaving moments?

By just taking a deep breath and remembering that I am trained to save lives. I also tell myself that this is the reason why I am in nursing and especially the ED environment…to save lives. 

Do you like how your shifts are scheduled?

I work straight 12-hour night shifts in the ED. I absolutely love the flexibility that my schedule allows. My husband and I have always wanted someone to be home with the boys after school because we know the things that we did after school when no one was home when we were growing up. My nursing schedule allows me to do all of these things. I can’t imagine working a Monday through Friday day schedule. I have no idea how people get anything done with that type of schedule. I love going grocery shopping when everyone else is at work; I get the entire store to myself!

Does anything about your job keep you awake at night?

Not usually. I am typically so tired from working the night before that I fall right to sleep and stay asleep all night. I know that when I come home from work that I have helped people for the last 12 hours and that thought makes it easy for me to sleep. 

Your family…

I am married to my high school sweetheart.  We just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary together.  Jason and I had our first baby when we were 18 years old.  At a young age, we took each others hand and made a pact that we were going to make it.  We have worked hard to get through school, secure good jobs and build our family.

Our oldest son, Logan, is 13 years old and he knows everything. Jason and I know nothing in his eyes.  When Logan is not looking, we just laugh and laugh at how “dumb” we have become.  Any parent that has or has had a teenager knows exactly what I am talking about. Our youngest son, Evan, is 8 years old.  Evan is a highly competitive little guy who will tell you that “he doesn’t play games for fun…he plays them to win.”

Looking back, I wouldn’t change anything. I love where I am at professionally and personally. Life is good!

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.