Beyond Deep Tissue: Know Your Massage Therapy Options

Posted by on May 31, 2013

massage therapy school

Madeline Bernards performing Thai massage

Contrary to what most people think, in the massage world, there are several types of modalities. Diana Oberg, massage therapist and instructor in the massage therapy school at Minnesota School of Business-Brooklyn Center, finds herself educating clients often on the various techniques, explaining that deep tissue massages are not the only options out there.  As each technique is able to help a client in a different way, Oberg believes it is important for potential clients to know their options.

At the suggestion of Stephanie Petersen, massage therapy program chair, Oberg pitched an idea to her students to hold an educational activity for the public to attend. Students in the Business and Ethics of Massage class learn about business plans, marketing and client education (among many other topics), so it made sense to the group to invite friends and family to the campus to practice some of their newly learned skills through an applied learning project.

Each of the four students in the class became responsible for a specific modality to present on, which included creating a pamphlet for the public to take away from the event.  As a group, the students created a flyer and other marketing tools to create awareness and entice people to attend. 

“Learning how to promote and market your business is an important skill to have in the massage field, so it was great practice for the students to work as a team to create flyers and pamphlets,” Oberg said.

The event took place on Monday, May 20, and the turnout was fantastic.  Each of the students was asked to invite at least three people to attend, far more attended.  The event began with short presentations by each of the students on their modality, which included Thai, deep tissue, Swedish, and myofascial release. Students explained the history of the technique, how it is performed, why a client might receive the particular massage, and what ailments the massage technique can treat.

Following the informational part of the evening, the four massage students performed their techniques on the audience members for five to 10 minutes.  The clients could experience each technique if they desired.

massage therapy school

KayCee Williams performing Swedish massage

massage therapy school

Alicia Bradac performing myofascial release

massage therapy school

Jen Pearson performing deep tissue massage


According to Oberg, “The class was very surprised and happy with the turnout, and they really enjoyed showing off their skills to their family and friends.  Several of the participants commented as they left how impressed they were with the students, and how nice it was to learn about the different massages available. Many were most impressed with how the Thai and myofascial release worked.  Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed how engaged everyone was throughout the presentations and demonstrations.  I was thrilled to see people try new things!” 

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