The Next Generation – Do You Have These Career Skills for Success?

Posted by on May 22, 2013

Minnesota School of Business celebrates the significance of giving back to the community in a variety of ways, and our yearly Community Service Day is a perfect example of the “We Care” philosophy we all believe so strongly in. For the seventh annual event on Friday, May 17, the Shakopee campus worked with students at Tokata Learning Center, an alternative high school that is part of the Shakopee Public Schools system.

The Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee faculty and staff spent the morning working directly with the students at Tokata, focusing on improving the students’ professionalism and career skills. The faculty and staff focused on three areas during the event:

Resume ReviewCommunity Service Day
The faculty and staff sat down with the students to review their resumes. Because many of the students have yet to have a job, this activity offered a great opportunity for them to ask questions regarding what is appropriate to include on their resume.
Mock Interviews
For the majority of the morning our group worked with the students on their interviewing skills. Giving each student a chance to meet with a faculty or staff member individually provided them time to run through the interviewing process and receive immediate feedback on how to improve.

Professional Dress
During the professional dress fashion show, faculty and staff displayed appropriate and inappropriate attire to wear during a job interview. The group also shared helpful tips on personal hygiene and grooming.

Community Service Day“The students I worked with felt the experience was valuable because it provided a real world scenario regarding applying for jobs,” Beena Koshy, academic coordinator, said. “One student identified her personal weakness as being too shy. When I asked her what she could do to improve, she explained that she needed to work on approaching people first and acknowledged that this experience was a great way to do so.” Community Service Day

Vikki Clayton, office manager, added, “During the mock interview session we were able to get a student who only wanted to observe the activity to actually participate. Eventually he opened up and we learned that he wants to become a lawyer. He also gave a fellow student feedback on her mock interview and the feedback was spot on.”

Following the event at Tokata Learning Center, the group headed back to campus to clean up the outdoor areas surrounding the school. Because our campus is located in the Shakopee Town Square Mall, the community clean-up was a great opportunity to give back to our community neighbors.

Community Service Day offered the faculty and staff a chance to work as a team to make a difference.

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