Thinking Outside the Box: 5 Job Interview Tips

Posted by on May 10, 2013

job interview tips

Andrew Kagol

Most people who have interviewed for a job can give the typical “what to do and what not to do” pointers to help someone prepare for an interview.  Unfortunately, though, every interview is different, and no single list will fully prepare a person for what is to come after they walk in and sit down with the interviewers.  Andrew Kagol, director of career services at the Minnesota School of Business-Brooklyn Center campus, realizes this, so he not only tries to point out the obvious tips, but he also tells students to think outside the box.  Kagol has created a top five list of “other” job interview tips.

Pointer #1
Test drive your route to the interview the day before to check for accuracy and possible delays—construction or traffic delays.  Identify alternative routes in case there is an accident or an unexpected traffic delay.

Pointer #2
Hold doors and greet everyone you meet.  Be courteous and professional with everyone at the office, especially the receptionist as many hiring managers will ask for their input on how the candidate behaved while waiting for the interview. 

Pointer #3
Bring a pad folio with extra copies of your resume, a copy of the job description, and questions you want to ask the employer at the end of your interview.  Mark up your copy of your resume and the job description with star stories that you want to share during your interview.  This will help you prepare for the interview and reduce the number of “ums” and “ahs” as you think of what you want to say.  Fewer ums/ahs naturally improves your eye contact because you’re more confident in what you want to say. 

Pointer #4
Assume you are on display the moment you arrive on the property until the moment you leave the property.  Even when you are waiting in the parking lot in your car, they may have someone watching to see how you behave. 

Pointer #5
NEVER smoke or put on heavy cologne/perfume prior to the interview as your body scent will be distracting to the interviewee.  Fresh breath is equally important, but do not chew gum or have mints in your mouth during your interview. 

If you are a Minnesota School of Business student or a former student looking for more job interview tips or to have a mock interview, contact Andrew Kagol at 763-566-7777.  Good luck on your next interview!

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