How Do You Go from Waitress to Health Care Manager?

Posted by on May 10, 2013

Sometimes the place where you start from determines where you go—for better or worse.

As a waitress and bartender, Alicen Himmelspach had come to a point in her life where she knew she wanted something more for herself, but she just didn’t know quite where to find it. health care management wasn’t even in her vocabulary yet.

At 19 she entered a sales and marketing program at a community college but knew immediately it wasn’t what she wanted to do. However, the question remained, what

health care management degree

Alicen Himmelspach, Health Care Management Student

was? She wanted an education. She wanted security, but felt directionless.

Enter her mother with some appropriate maternal advice: “Go to Minnesota School of Business and check it out.”

Her mother had started a business program at Minnesota School of Business (MSB) a couple of quarters before, “and I figured if she could do it at 50, I could do it,” Alicen laughs.

Now, Alicen is a health care management degree (bachelor of science) student awaiting a June graduation. She is also already working full-time in her field and couldn’t be happier.

She credits many along the way for paving the road to her success, including her mother.

Talking to her admissions representative helped clarify her goals, she says. “I had wanted to be an RN years ago but then decided the clinical aspect was not for me,” Alicen said. “Once I came to MSB and talked with Adam and he told me about the health care management program, it sounded like the perfect match for me. I didn’t even have to think about it.”

Alicen owes a lot to her [writing and humanities] instructor, Kate Kamakahi, she maintains.

“Kate changed my life and truly inspired me,” said Alicen. “She brought out the best in me and always pushed me a little farther because she could see my full potential. She taught me to look at things from different perspectives, which has significantly changed the way that I think and act. She also taught me about life-long learning which I know I will be totally devoted to.”

Indeed, with her graduation just a few weeks away, Alicen is already planning for her next step in education: an MBA degree.

And her full-time job? Alicen credits Doni Deters from the career services team at the MSB-Elk River, Minn., campus with sending her the notification of a paid three-month internship at Accurate Home Care. Before she had even concluded the internship, Alicen was offered a full-time position and has already been promoted. She currently oversees 800 patient accounts in three states for the company.

Alicen’s instructors have rave reviews for her as well.

Health Care Management Chair at the MSB-St. Cloud, Minn., campus, Deb Berglund, says, “[Alicen] is a phenomenal leader, an awesome student who is dedicated to her studies. Alicen has a passion for life, a passion for health care, and is passionate about striving to achieve her dreams and goals.”

Alicen Himmelspach aspired to a better place and definitely appears to have found it.

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