6 Teachers Who Have Made a Difference

Posted by on May 9, 2013

It’s safe to say there are many teachers in the world who make a difference. They come in all shapes and sizes, expertise and specialties, and level and location. As National Teacher Appreciation Week winds down, we at Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth (MSB) would like to take the time to honor some of the teachers and instructors, from a staff and student perspective, that have continued to impact lives and make a difference.

Nate Gutshall – Student Services Coordinator

Teacher appreciation

Studen Services Coordinator Nate Gutshall

“My best teacher was Mrs. Baumhover my sophomore year at Urbandale High School in Urbandale, Iowa. She was my Algebra II teacher, and at the time I did not enjoy her class. She was very old-fashioned in how she taught—she wouldn’t let you go one period without asking a question. Looking back, she truly enjoyed her students, she loved teaching and she even wrote me a note saying ‘Congratulations’ when I graduated. She truly enjoyed her job and was passionate about education. Now that I have a job in education, and look back on my educational experience, she was truly the foundation for my goals and how I plan to make a difference.”


Teacher appreciation

Financial Aid Director Erin Poster

Erin Poster – Financial Aid Director

“I had a high school math teacher; his name was Mr. Bo, but everybody called him Bo-Diggity. Obviously, math is not always a fun subject, but he made it fun with his humor and personality. He related to students very well, and people were excited to go to his class every day. You don’t really hear that a lot about math classes. His wife also coached gymnastics, and he made references to it in his lessons. It was personally interesting to me, because I was in gymnastics and could related to everything he said.”


Whitney Woelfle – Resident Veterinarian

Veterinary Technology

Resident Veterinarian Dr. Whitney Woelfle

“Dr. Erin Malone (a large animal surgeon at the University of Minnesota) was my mentor throughout vet school. She would give me her old material—books and class materials—and was very giving in that sense. She gave me direction on how to be a great vet, and always had an open door. She still contacts me and thinks of me…especially when it came to my current teaching position. It meant a lot that she saw something in me that she knew would translate into being a teacher to others.”



Veterinary Technology

Tiffany Woods

Tiffany Woods – Veterinary Technology Student

“Whitney (Woelfle, MSB Instructor) is great. She’s an awesome visual teacher. She got me into studying the detailed works of animal anatomy with all her great examples. She’s very patient, and  just a great teacher.”



Kelsey Perkins – Veterinary Technology Student

Veterinary Technology

Kelsey Perkins

“Willow (Wiggins, MSB Instructor) is super excited about everything in class, which makes learning really fun. Her excitement gets me excited. She’s a good teacher because she’s really enthusiastic about her teaching which makes it easier to learn and makes class exciting—especially five-hour evening classes.”


Medical Assisting

Dee Wright

Dee Wright – Medical Assisting Student

“Jessie Mcdole. She’s patient and encouraging. Her class has been different from a lot of the other classes I have had—the learning environment is very relaxed, and I love the way she teaches.”

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Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week!

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