Landing a Paralegal Dream Job: A Graduate Success Story

Posted by on May 6, 2013

Alyssa Benkowski refers to her position as a legal assistant at Johnson Becker, PLLC as her dream job. Alyssa has been working with the organization since July 2012, but the road to her dream job began at Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville, where she decided she wanted to focus her career on the field of law. Alyssa, a paralegal degree graduate, received her Bachelor of Science degree in December 2012 and wanted to share her success story.

Alyssa credits the preparedness she received for her career to the skills she learned at Minnesota School of Business and the attention she received from her professors. Johnson Becker, PLLC focuses on product liability, but also has a personal injury department. In her position, Alyssa assists clients with preliminary investigation of their claims and gathers information needed to pursue a lawsuit. Alyssa has the opportunity to collaborate with attorneys and clients. Additional duties include telephone contact with clients, assisting clients with paperwork and completing a variety of miscellaneous work necessary to the client’s lawsuit.

paralegal degree

Alyssa Benkowski, paralegal degree graduate

“I absolutely love my job because I get to work with clients who truly deserve to be compensated for what they have been through,” Alyssa said. “This area of law is not one that is very well known, but I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. All of the attorneys and staff that I am able to work with every day make my job that much better.”

Alyssa expressed how important she thought it was that she had an understanding of the various areas of the law field through her education at Minnesota School of Business.

She said, “I learned about criminal law, torts, real estate law, probate law, family law, administrative law, bankruptcy, and corporate business structures. Because of the huge variety of areas we learn about, it gives us a general idea of what each area consists of. After graduating, I knew that I could enter any field and still have a general idea for what it entails.”

During her time at Minnesota School of Business, Alyssa explained that the service and applied learning projects she took part in helped her to not only build her resume, but to also practice the skills she learned in the classroom in a real-world manner.

“I did a service-learning project for a class where I worked at HOME Line, which is a tenant advocacy program,” Alyssa explained. “I was able to build my resume with legal experience even before graduating with my degree, which gave me a one-up on some of the other individuals applying for the same positions.”

We are so excited for Alyssa and wish her all the success in her career endeavors!

“I never imagined having my dream job coming right out of college, but I truly believe that Minnesota School of Business gave me the necessary skills and confidence to be able to do so,” Alyssa concluded.

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