What a Dirty Mess Can Teach Us

Posted by on April 29, 2013

Minnesota School of Business strongly supports our “We Care” philosophy and each campus participates in variety of activities that represent the dedication that the students, faculty and staff have to our local communities. The Lakeville campus of Minnesota School of Business has a long-standing relationship with the City of Lakeville, where members of our campus community volunteer their time to ensure we have a clean and beautiful city.

City of Lakeville watershed cleanupEach spring a group of students, faculty and staff from the Lakeville campus participate in local watershed cleanup events, aimed at ensuring any waste and debris that has accumulated in Lakeville parks are cleared. The City of Lakeville provides volunteers with cleaning tools, but many volunteers also bring wader boots, gloves, etc. in order to get into the creeks and lakes. The Minnesota School of Business volunteer group consists mainly of students in global citizenship class.  The volunteer opportunity offers a great example of social responsibility, a topic the students cover within the course.

The community cleanup events bring together Lakeville residents, community groups, business owners, students, etc. who take pride in the city where they live, work or study. The event not only offers an opportunity to give back, but it solidifies a golden rule; when you band together for a common cause, extraordinary results do occur.City of Lakeville watershed cleanup

With the unseasonably snowy start to spring in Minnesota, this year’s watershed cleanup event, scheduled for April 20 to coincide with Earth Day, needed to be cancelled due to the snow cover. However, the volunteer group from Minnesota School of Business has rescheduled and will be coming together in early May to clean up an area of city parks.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering with the City of Lakeville, you can find information on their website. For more information about other community opportunities, contact Justin Simonson, Community Manager, at jsimonson@msbcollege.edu.

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