A Blog Post About a Music Video that Includes an Actual Music Video

Posted by on April 29, 2013

Last time I did a story on the Digital Video and Media Production program’s applied learning project – the Astronautalis music video shoot –people commented that it was a nice story with nice pictures – but where was the music video?

minnesota school of business digital videoTurns out, when you write a blog post about a music video, people expect to see a music video (weird!). Call it a teaser, or a rush to publish a story that I thought was cool (even though the video was still in production), call it a big fat fail – call it whatever you want. Because the bottom line is – I’ve got that video now! I promise, dear readers, it was worth the wait. Not only will you get the music video, you’ll get a look at the behind-the-scenes documentary.

While you were all reading the blog post about the music video shoot, wondering where the video was, the Minnesota School of Business students were busy creating that music video. And just before Astronautalis embarked upon their first-ever European tour with the entire band, they held a music video premiere event at Institute of Production and Recording on Tuesday, April 16. Those in attendance not only got to see the video, but they also were privy to a private performance by Astronautalis as well as a music panel discussion of the project and production. Astronautalis even performed a few unreleased songs, and footage from the premiere will be incorporated into a standalone IPR Presents piece.

 Without further ado, here’s the video

and the documentary!

Just in case you missed the first post (which you probably didn’t, because you’re an avid reader of the blog, right?), here’s some of the background info on this awesome project.

The video shoot project originated in 2012 as part of MSB’s focus on applied learning. This project offers real-world work experience to those in MSB’s Digital Video and Media Production program, as well as for the 12 high school students from area high schools, who were given the chance to partake in the shoot.

The project pairs local industry professionals such as renowned music video director Justin Staggs (Foo Fighters, NOFX, Against Me!, etc.) with Minnesota School of Business staff and faculty, allowing students in a true “on-set” working environment. This year’s production took place over an action-packed two days at MSB’s Broadview Media studio facility in Edina on Wednesday, March 20th and Thursday, March 21st.

The documentary was overseen and produced by the MSB Marketing department’s video team, but primarily shot by our Digital Video students/grads as an additional applied learning project. A meta-applied learning project, if you will.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.