3 Events for Sexual Assault Awareness

Posted by on April 26, 2013

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Vikki Clayton, Office Manager, participates in Denim Days

Minnesota School of Business has a strong dedication to giving back. Whether it be through volunteering with local nonprofit organizations or through applied and service learning projects, the students, faculty and staff understand the importance of the “We Care” philosophy. An example of this dedication was Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee’s collaboration with the Academy on Violence and Abuse, during the month of April, which is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Students, faculty and staff participated in three events aimed at bringing awareness and raising money in support of sexual assault awareness.

1.  Denim Days at MSB-Shakopee

Between April 22 and 25, staff and faculty participated in “Denim Days at MSB-Shakopee,” an event in which faculty and staff were able to pay $5 per day to wear jeans. Those participating received a button that read “Ask Me Why I’m Wearing Jeans.” Those participating could explain that denim days are events that are held around the country and bring awareness to the “denim defense,” a ridiculous claim that an attacker cannot possibly remove jeans from a victim alone.  The victim would need to help and therefore make the attack consensual.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Students host nacho sale

2.  Nacho Sale

Students in Rebecca Lloyd’s customer service strategies course also played a big role in our dedication to supporting the Academy of Violence and Abuse, by participating in a service learning project in which they sold nachos to raise money for the organization. The project gave the students direct experience with advertising and selling a product, skills they are currently learning in class. The sale was a huge success with a stream of students, faculty and staff that lined up for purchases.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Dr. McCollum speaks with art of persuasion students

3.  Dr. David McCollum Presentation

At the end of the week a total of $233 was raised to support the Academy of Violence and Abuse. Thank you to all students, faculty and staff who participated in this cause! On Wednesday, April 24, Dr. David McCollum of the Academy on Violence and Abuse visited Bill Hire’s art of persuasion class. Dr. McCollum shared with his students what the organization does and discussed different types of abuse.

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