3 Traits of a Perfect Student

Posted by on April 22, 2013

Eric Fredrickson is not only a forensic accounting degree student and a Resource Center math tutor, but he is now also Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee’s first Student of the Quarter. Eric was anonymously nominated by his instructors to receive the recognition, in which they referred to Eric as a “perfect student.” Here is what his instructors had to say in their nomination:

“Eric not only has distinguished himself academically, but he is sought out by other students for help in their studies. He has always been willing to help any student and has volunteered to tutor students. He is a leader in class in many ways and demonstrates the importance of interacting with the instructor to assure complete understanding of subjects; he certainly keeps you on your toes. While an accounting major, he has a broad interest in many subjects and enlivens any class. He is in my mind the perfect student – studious, humorous and committed.”

forensic accounting degree

Eric Fredrickson, Student of the Quarter

The instructors at the Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee were ultimately what solidified Eric’s decision to attend.

“I chose Minnesota School of Business because of the instructors,” Eric shared. “The instructors that I met on my initial campus visit two and a half years ago impressed me with their knowledge and demeanor.”

In order for the Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee community to get to know Eric better, we asked him the following fun facts:

What would be your perfect job?
“My perfect job would be one in which I have time to spend with my family, but I also get to travel around and investigate financial crime. I would also be happy just doing the books for a small mom-and-pop shop. No matter what I end up doing, I need to feel like I am contributing and am a vital piece of the puzzle.”

Who is your hero?
“I have had a lot of heroes in my life so far, but the person on the top of the list will always be my dad. No matter what happens to him, he has never given up. He always seems to act with honesty and integrity, no matter the situation. I am impressed by his tenacity and courage.”

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
“I am not sure what my most prized accomplishment is to this point in my life. My graduation from college will be without a doubt one of them. If you asked me ten years ago if I thought I had a chance I would have said ‘absolutely not.’ Although, I suppose the numerous medals a governor and various generals have pinned on me has been extremely rewarding, there is nothing quite like the feeling of putting a general in their place. All kidding aside, I can’t really pick one. That must mean there is still something up my sleeve.”

What would a “perfect day” consist of?
“Picture a partly cloudy, quiet day with a slight breeze. There is open water all around and the only sound that can be heard is a calling loon about twenty yards away. It would be nice if the fish would bite a little, too. Or just a big meal with all of my family and a day of planned chaos. I am an incredibly fortunate person.”

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