So You Want to Work in IT: Here’s How

Posted by on April 18, 2013

Let’s talk about our IT program (or, information technology for our readers who recognize the acronym and know what an IT person does, but don’t know exactly what it stands for—and, let’s be real—that probably applies to a lot of people all over the place). The Minnesota School of Business-Richfield campus offers a bachelor’s degree program in information technology as well as an associate degree program. Right now, our placement rate (meaning graduates who get jobs in their field) for the bachelor’s information technology degree program students is 100%.

“I think the 100% placement rate has a lot to do with our dedicated students who work hard to complete their program and prepare themselves for the workforce,” said Sarah Loe in Career Services, who is in charge of placing the IT students.  “We also have an extremely helpful faculty and staff, who assist these students along the way so that they are successful!”

bachelor's degree in information technology

A Richfield Information Technology Association (RITA) meeting

MSB-Richfield’s information technology degree program offers hands-on learning and focuses on classes that are directly related to the field, such as Computer Essentials, where students are able to build a computer from scratch.

“It’s a really popular class,” said information technology student Joel Brown. “You get to order parts as part of your lab fee and build a computer. At the end of the day, it’s a computer we actually get to take home.”

Besides that specific course, there are many other reasons why MSB’s information technology program stand outs.

“Employers love the fact that we have small class sizes, and therefore the students get more hands-on experience and one-on-one assistance from instructors,” Sarah said. 

IT Program Chair Richard Grieman added, “The hands-on capability afforded our students with access to over 170 Microsoft applications for their use, a hardware laboratory and a teaching staff uses real-world experience and case studies as teaching tools.”

One of MSB-Richfield’s recently placed graduates accepted a job at CH Robinson, one of the world’s largest third party logistics (3PL) providers. The graduate’s title is Network Systems Engineer. IT students get placed in all different types of positions, depending on what the student is passionate about. Job titles range from Helpdesk to Programmer to Web Developer.

“People who might take well to IT and be successful in the field don’t have to have a lot of technical knowledge to begin their education in IT,” Richard said. “If you like solving puzzles, like helping people and have some creativity, we can make you an IT professional.”

So how can current IT students become a part of this 100% placement rate? Sarah has a few tips:

  1. Start networking with people in the IT field as soon as possible
  2. Stop by Career Services ASAP in order to get customized job search assistance
  3. Join the Richfield IT Association (RITA) on campus
  4. Consider obtaining IT certifications, such as CCT or CCENT

But a career in IT is more than just sitting at a desk and tinkering with a computer.

“A genuine desire to want to help people, to make them more effective, to make their jobs or lives easier, is at the core of an IT professional,” said Richard. “The technical skills used to achieve these things are only the tools that are used.  A good IT professional will always remember this.”

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