Top 7 Most Common Questions Prospective College Students Ask

Posted by on April 17, 2013

On a daily basis, admissions representatives from Minnesota School of Business get asked a number of excellent questions from individuals who are interested in our college.

“I bet I am asked anywhere from 15-50 questions a day,” said admissions rep Michelle Champagne. “Most of the time though, the questions asked are exactly the same.”

With this in mind, I’ve asked the admissions representatives from the Elk River campus to compile a list of the top 7 most commonly asked questions by prospective students. 

Here’s what they came up with:Minnesota School of Business, admissions questions

  • What credits will transfer in?

We want you to save as much time and money as possible while still fulfilling the required courses for your degree—that’s why our education department will go through each class that you have previously taken from other colleges and see if we have an equivalent course.  If we do, then those credits will apply to your degree with us—ultimately saving you money and time.


  • How long will it take to finish?

The answer to this question truly depends on how many classes you take each quarter.  We always suggest students take a full credit load, which is 12 credits each quarter.  When taking a full credit load, it will take a little less than 2 years to complete an associate degree or a little more than 3.5 years to complete a bachelor’s degree.


  • Will financial aid cover all of my costs?

The amount of financial aid a student qualifies for is based on the outcome of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), which differs from person to person. Additionally, a student could receive state grant eligibility and could qualify for Minnesota School of Business-funded scholarships or one of the thousands of scholarships available throughout the nation. As you can see, this isn’t any easy question to answer!

  • What if I need to take a quarter off?

Although we don’t recommend taking a quarter off because it delays your graduation date, causes you to get out of sequence of classes, and could impact your financial aid grace period, we understand that sometimes life happens. For this reason, you certainly can take a quarter off; however, we encourage you to speak with our education and financial aid departments to ensure you fully understand the consequences of taking time off. We often find that after learning about the disadvantages of taking a quarter off, students tend to just stick it out.


  • If I move can I attend another campus?

Absolutely!  The Minnesota School of Business network of colleges includes 12 campuses in Minnesota, seven campuses in Wisconsin, one in South Dakota, four in Utah, one in Idaho and an online division that share common curricula. This college network also includes other schools that might interest you. Click here for information about all of our schools.


  • Will Minnesota School of Business credits transfer to another institution?

As with any college, whether another institution will accept transfer credits is solely up to them.  If you plan on transferring colleges, you should always check ahead of time to see if the college you plan to transfer to will accept credits from your current school.

  • Can I take classes online as well as on campus?

You sure can!  Many of our students take a combination of online and residential classes.  Always check with an admissions representative first though because a few degrees are solely online or solely residential. 

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Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.