Gyros and The Who: Staffers Reveal Their Favorites

Posted by on April 17, 2013

With a new quarter comes a new opportunity to share with our readers information about two of our wonderful staff members at Minnesota School of Business-Brooklyn Center campus.  It is our pleasure to introduce you to Aldina Korman, administrative assistant, and Michael Zdychnec, executive chair of the health care management programs.

Minnesota School of Business

Aldina Korman

Meet Aldina Korman

Aldina has been with Minnesota School of Business for the past three years.  She began at the Blaine campus as an administrative  assistant and then moved into a dual position helping with academics and student services.  She relocated to the Brooklyn Center campus in 2012 and currently works as the administrative assistant; she also helps with academics and career services.

Aldina received her AAS in business administration, and she is currently working on her bachelor’s degree.  Both degrees will be from Minnesota School of Business.

What Aldina likes most about working at the Brooklyn Center campus is working with students and staff and helping everyone out as much as she can.  Her favorite memories all include graduation ceremonies.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.  Aldina does not have a favorite band; she enjoys listening to a variety of genres but most enjoys R&B and Bosnian music.  Her favorite television show is “Law and Order SVU.”  Her favorite foods are pizza and gyros.  Aldina’s guilty pleasures include eating chocolate and watching movies.

Aldina has a Quaker parrot named Kiki, and its favorite thing to do is bark like a dog!  Someday, she would love to visit Bora Bora.

Minnesota School of Business

Michael Zdychnec

Meet Michael Zdychnec

Michael has been with Minnesota School of Business for the past five years.  He began as an adjunct instructor and now serves as the health care management program chair at both the Brooklyn Center and Elk River campuses.  Most recently, he has also been appointed the executive program chair for health care management for the Minnesota and South Dakota campuses. 

Michael received a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Business from Iowa State University.  He has completed some graduate work at Drake University.

What Michael likes most about working at the Brooklyn Center campus is the atmosphere and the people.  His favorite memory is working with and speaking to the residents of Earle Brown Senior Terrace during last year’s Community Service Day.  He said it was an amazing experience. 

In his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing, being at the cabin, and spending time with family.  His favorite band is The Who.  His favorite television show is “NCIS.”  His favorite food is his wife’s spaghetti.  Michael’s guilty pleasure is watching shows about political news. 

Michael enjoys running, and he has completed four marathons.  He also still plays the guitar from his “rock and roll days.”


Pictures and stories about both Aldina and Michael are hung near the front entrance of the campus.  Check out the other walls around the building to see who our highlighted graduates and students of the quarter are.

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